WP Start – New Plan for Small WordPress Sites

Is our WP Pro plan too big for your site’s needs? This spring Seravo launches a suitable hosting plan for smaller and lighter WordPress sites, already available to everyone on our order form. WP Start is a recommended plan for up-and-coming blogs and entrepreneurs, small businesses and associations. If your WordPress site is not expected to get a lot of traffic from the get-go, WP Start is an ideal way to get started with Seravo. Fill in the order form and start developing your WordPress site right away!

Designed for WordPress

Seravo’s premium hosting for WordPress is particularly suited to the requirements of business-critical, capacity-demanding sites that experience peaks in web traffic. With the new WP Start plan, you can get started with Seravo’s hosting service in a cost-effective way, and still benefit from the same premium features as with bigger service plans. In addition to a fast environment built specifically for WordPress, our service includes 24/7 monitoring, a security guarantee and security updates, and Seravo’s specialty: unique and tested updates that won’t break your site.

If you’ve only recently discovered us and are only getting to know our WordPress hosting service, WP Start is a great way to get to know our environment and start building your site. At Seravo, WordPress is pre-installed in an environment that was designed especially for WordPress, so that your site will load as fast as possible. You’ll also find pre-installed developer tools like Git and Node.js, and many command-line tools developed by Seravo. Everything you need is ready for site development or migrating your site to Seravo!

Did you know that Seravo is the world’s fastest WordPress hosting service? Also check out the 2023 WordPress hosting benchmark, where Seravo earned a Top Tier status!

WP Start

Our latest plan, WP Start was developed to meet the needs of smaller, lighter WordPress projects, such as basic introductory sites for both personal and professional use. See the features of the service package below or compare all Seravo’s plans on the plans page.


Price / month25 €
Approx. visits / month3,000
HTTP requests / month150,000
PCIe-SSD storage10 GB
SMTP requests / month500
Site availability SLA99.9%
24/7 monitoring interval15 min
Security response SLANext business day

Seravo is Different

Seravo’s WordPress hosting is different compared to average web hosting services – our service scales according to your site’s needs. This means that additional resources are set up to meet your site’s needs when it needs them, for example during an unexpected spike in traffic or an important marketing campaign. At the same time, our server environment make our solution more secure than shared hosting.

Even the fastest web server will not be able to load WordPress quickly if the site is not using resources in an efficient way, or if no attention has been paid to its speed optimization. In addition to customer service, we offer the expertise of WordPress experts to support and assist you in getting your site up and running as quickly as possible. Seravo’s WordPress experts perform optimizations for sites as a separate service.

Seravo has focused in WordPress hosting as our main product since 2014. Trust our experience as a hosting provider specializing in WordPress and try Seravo today!