WordPress Made Secure

We provide an optimized hosting solution for your WordPress site, built from the ground up with a rigorous and holistic approach to security. For us, security is not a mere concept, but an integral part of every plan at Seravo. You won’t pay extra for the best possible security! The consequences of a data breach can be serious for your business – we take real care of your site to minimize the risks. Seravo offers the best possible WordPress hosting with top-notch security.

Security Without Additional Costs

Seravo does not provide mere server space, but premium hosting and upkeep for WordPress. Security is a key part of our service, and we are constantly improving its security.

As our service has been designed especially for WordPress, you won’t need to take care of any additional configurations or install plugins to benefit from efficient caching and the performance boost our hosting offers. The approach to security is similar; there’s no need to install separate plugins to make your WordPress secure. In fact, more often than not it’s not recommended to install these plugins, as in the worst case they may contain vulnerabilities or slow down your site!

Tested Updates

WordPress security is particularly affected if the site’s plugins, themes and the WordPress core is not updated regularly. Security issues typically arise when outdated plugins have been installed on the site. Let Seravo take care of security patches and updates!

Updating WordPress and plugins always includes a risk of breaking the site’s layout or functionalities. Seravo’s unique updates includes functionality tests, which keep your site’s contents safe without breaking your site or causing downtime.

Updates are first tested in a staging environment (shadow) to ensure the updates won’t break your site. In addition, critical security updates are always performed without delay. The functionality tests are based on our in-house developed headless Chrome virtual browser, which logs into WordPress and detects errors in the site’s PHP, CSS, JavaScript and HTTPS warnings.

Seravo’s update process also includes visual regression tests to detect any changes in the site’s layout. Developers can also tailor these functionality tests for individual, business-critical pages.

No system will completely eliminate problems associated with updates, but Seravo’s approach greatly reduces the number of potential problems. As our customer, you’ll have significantly less to worry about when it comes to WordPress updates and the availability of your site.

It’s important to us that your site is always up and running, which is why our 24/7 monitoring addresses any detected errors. To protect your site from downtime, we do not force any updates that would break your site, such as major updates to the WordPress core. You can always contact our customer support to check the status of and get help with the updates on your site!

Security Guarantee and Security Scans

Every site hosted by Seravo is scanned for security breaches on a daily basis, ensuring that no malicious code has been added to your site. If a security breach is detected, we report the findings to the site owner. In the event of a break-in, your site may also be temporarily suspended to prevent further damage to your business.

The best indicator that we truly care about the security of your WordPress site is Seravo’s Security Guarantee. If your site is hacked despite all protection and updates while hosted in our service, Seravo cleans your site of any malicious code and restores it back into action for free!

Security Updates

The main threat to the security of all WordPress sites are automated attacks by bots, which attempt to exploit commonly known security vulnerabilities. The best way to protect against these attacks is to actively update WordPress and its plugins.

Seravo’s tested and regular updates ensure that the site does not break. Our service also includes critical security updates, which are always installed without delay, separately from other updates.

Secure Connections and Certificates by Default

At Seravo, HTTPS is always enabled by default without any additional configuration. We offer free SSL/TLS certifcate, which will be activated once the domain is pointed to Seravo’s servers.

We also ensure that HTTPS is correctly configured and cannot be broken due to outdated algorithms, for example. In addition to improving your site’s security, HTTPS also improves site speed and search engine visibility.

At Seravo, other connection methods (SSH/SFTP) are always encrypted and protected with a strong password, and non-secure connections are not available.

Best Availability and Scalability for WordPress

Seravo’s hosting has a unique server architecture based on server clusters. This allows your WordPress site to be served to your visitors by multiple servers, which means your site is not dependent on a single host. For every site in our premium hosting and upkeep, we promise 99.9% uptime, maintenance time included.

Thanks to this solution, at Seravo your site does not have just one IP address, but several. In the event of a server failure, the other servers will continue to serve your site. Thanks to these server clusters, a single site can also experience significant traffic spikes without any visible slowdown.

At Seravo, your site is not limited by CPU or RAM constraints. Thanks to scalability, each and every site in our hosting is able to receive the best possible performance. While each plan has a HTTP request quota, we do not do as many other providers do and close down your site or send unexpected extra charges for overages. Making your WordPress site fast, secure and available is our goal under all circumstances!

High-Quality Servers

Seravo uses own servers and virtual servers from the best cloud providers in the industry, providing the best starting point for a premium hosting service. We perform unique hardware and Linux kernel optimizations to deliver the fastest WordPress hosting in the world! Our powerful servers and scalable service ensure that your WordPress site always runs as fast as possible.

All the equipment rooms we use in Finland meet the safety requirements for telecommunications premises defined by the Finnish Transport and Communications Agency (Traficom). Our server rooms are equipped with efficient air conditioning, burglar protection and 24-hour access control, automatic fire alarms and a robust UPS with battery backup to filter out any interference. A generator guarantees electricity supply even during extended power cuts. The equipment is housed in locked equipment cabinets with restricted and controlled access.

To ensure reliability, network connections are multiplies with at least two different IP transit services. BGP4 routing ensures that a failure in one operator’s connection to the outside world does not cause an interruption. To ensure that your WordPress website is always running at the best possible speed, we actively monitor our internet connections. We always have enough capacity in reserve to ensure that there are no problems even during internet traffic peak times.

Our server clusters abroad are located in data centres of trusted global operators, which are prepared for disruptions at a similar level to the Finnish data centres. Other services, such as email and DNS servers, are also distributed across different networks and server rooms to ensure reliability.

Security Hardening and Additional Services

Seravo’s customer service and WordPress security experts can advise you on how to further improve the security of your site. If your site’s security is critical to your business, we also offer an additional Security Hardening service to help you determine how to best tighten the security of your WordPress site.