WP Enterprise

WP Enterprise is suitable for production use for business-critical sites and very large web services that require special attention or tailored hosting solutions. Suitable for heavy-duty use, especially for busy, high-traffic sites or online stores with high traffic or large databases. The contents of the service plan can be customized to suit your needs. The right choice when your site’s disk space or traffic volumes exceed the limits of other service packages. WP Enterprise can also be used to host WordPress network (multisite) of more than 10 sites.

WP Enterprise is not intended for those sites that require a dedicated and separate server solution in order to operate.

WP Enterprise is not suitable for sites that run unnecessarily heavy database queries or have other similar issues at the code level. Instead of upgrading the plan, the site should be optimised and the bottlenecks in its operation should be resolved. If necessary, you can order a site optimisation as a specialist expert service from Seravo.

It is not recommended to maintain unrelated sites in WordPress multisite.

Seravo’s WP service has no fixed IP addresses. If your site requires custom configuration of proxy servers, custom VPN solutions, custom SSH connections, or large amounts of disk space or memory are required to run your web service, a dedicated virtual server instead of Seravo WP Service may be the right solution. Seravo does not offer virtual servers or dedicated server space, but we can provide recommendations for such a hosting solution if required.

Service Content

WP Enterprise includes a production website environment with a database and a WordPress installation. It is allowed to install an e-commerce plugin, such as WooCommerce.

With WP Enterprise service packages, a WordPress installation can also be converted into a WordPress network (multisite) installation. The number of sites that are allowed in a network is determined on a per-customer basis.

The plan also includes powerful caching (HTTP cache and Redis object cache). The SLA for site uptime and availability on a monthly basis is 99.9%. The current status and availability of the servers is available at status.seravo.com.

The plan also includes the registration and maintenance of one domain (the main domain of the site), its automatic renewal, HTTPS certificate and name servers (DNS). HTTPS is enabled by default, and the Let’s Encrypt certificate is activated when the domain is pointed to Seravo’s servers in the DNS. The price of the plan is the same even if the main domain of the site is managed elsewhere. Multiple domains can be routed at the name server (DNS) level for an additional fee. The additional fee will apply even if the additional domain is not transferred to Seravo.

Prior to launch, the site is hosted on a server in a temporary development address until the traffic for the domain is routed to Seravo in DNS.

The site environment provides a rich set of developer tools pre-installed. In addition, Seravo’s own tools and commands are available to facilitate your work.

The service plan includes updates to the WordPress core, plugins and themes, which are implemented using Seravo’s own update system. Seravo’s proprietary update system tests site updates in a separate shadow environment before deploying them in production, to ensure the updates do not break the site and cause problems with its functionalities.

All Seravo’s plans include automatic 30-day on-site backups. Backups are performed once a day, usually at night. The backups are freely available to customers, and the site can be restored at any time up to one month in the past. Automatic backups do not use up the disk space quota of the plan. A separate off-site backup is also available in the event of exceptional circumstances, such as server failure, and is included in the plan.

The WP Enterprise plan includes more than 60 GB of disk space (amount to be agreed separately).

Usage of the plan is monitored on a monthly basis by tracking HTTP request traffic, which includes all web traffic received by the site environment. If the HTTP request volume is exceeded, the service plan level may need upgrading. The WP Enterprise has more than 3 000 000 monthly HTTP requests available ( amount to be negotiated separately). However, higher traffic spikes are allowed. Temporary traffic spikes are also allowed, and the number of requests is inspected on a monthly basis. The plan may be upgraded if necessary in the event of increasing web traffic.

The WP Enterprise service plan includes more than 6000 SMTP requests per month ( amount to be negotiated separately). Seravo uses SendGrid for emails sent by WordPress sites. You can also use another SMTP service if you wish.

Separate staging environments can be set up for the WP Enterprise plan for site development. The number of these environments can be agreed on a per-customer basis. The staging environment has its own database. The shadow environment is not included in the automatic backups, but it is possible to make separate manual backups.

All service plans include 24/7 monitoring, in which site activity and availability is monitored around the clock. The service also includes Seravo’s Security Guarantee. The monitoring interval for WP Enterprise is 2 minutes and Seravo’s Security Guarantee SLA is 4 hours.

WordPress experts can be reached via customer service, and are available on weekdays to respond to problems via e-mail, phone or chat at seravo.com. There are no additional charges for contacting customer support. During nights and weekends, Seravo’s 24/7 monitoring keeps the sites up and running. Customer service includes guidance on how to use the service, changes to the domain and DNS, or restoring a site from a backup, for example.

Extensive troubleshooting or site development, such changes to code, theme development or site content updates are not included in the plan. These services can be purchased from Seravo as an additional service, and are billed separately, by the hour. Extensive optimisation and debugging can be purchased as a special expert service. All expert services are agreed beforehand with the customer, on a case by case basis.

WP Enterprise also includes a dedicated Account Manager, who can be contacted for consulting assistance on non-urgent website related questions. From time to time, the Account Manager will also perform additional checks on the site. In case of urgent issues, you should always contact Seravo’s Customer Service, preferably by email at help@seravo.com.

Additional Services

PHP upgrades are not included in the service plan. Seravo provides tools and instructions to update the PHP version on your site.

The service package includes the management of one domain (the primary domain of the site). Additional domains can be pointed to Seravo in DNS and added to the plan for an additional fee.

The service does not include a Content Distribution Network (CDN) solution. Seravo’s environment is inherently efficient and specifically optimised for WordPress, without the need for separate caching or optimisation plugins. In most cases, the site will be up and running faster by migrating to Seravo’s WP service.

The limits of the service plan are contractual and the site’s bandwidth or resources will not be throttled or blocked even if the plan’s limits are temporarily exceeded. The plan will need to be upgraded if the site’s traffic increases, and resource usage repeatedly exceeds the plan’s limits. Once a service plan has been set up, it is not possible to adjust limits such as HTTP or SMTP request volumes, but additional services (disk space, email, etc.) can be ordered.

SMTP requests for the service plan are for email traffic sent by the WordPress site. For separate mailboxes, a separate email service from the provider of your choice can be used. It is also possible to purchase an email service through Seravo or get advice and recommendations on purchasing email services.