Are you working at a web, digital or advertising agency?

Do you want all your WordPress sites to be managed by a secure, fast and reliable hosting company?

We work together with multiple digital agencies that are focused on designing and developing WordPress websites and WooCommerce stores. By choosing us as their technical partner the agencies will spare both their time and their resources. Would you like to be part of this group?

Partnering with Seravo

As our partner you get

  • readily installed WordPress delivered to you right after you make an order on our website
  • smooth workflow for your projects and all the tools a developer might need: Git, Vagrant, Composer, WP-CLI and more
  • staging environment for the development process
  • advanced technical support and a launch team when needed
  • no more technical hassle with your client: once the project is finished and the site goes live, we are responsible for it to work as it should
  • expertise and help in maintenance or any other WordPress-related issue
  • someone who will always look after you and your clients

You can choose between reselling and referring, depending on your needs, business model and clients.

Got interested? Contact us at anytime. We are happy to answer any questions you might have!

Why would your clients want to choose Seravo and not just regular hosting?

  1. Seravo is not just Managed WordPress Hosting, we also upkeep and monitor your site 24/7. We take care of our customers’ sites day and night: if there is a problem with your site, we’ll let you know ASAP and help you with solving them. Usually, the problems are even solved before anyone has noticed anything.
  2. Our service is made for WordPress. Our platform is engineered for WordPress speed and scalability and we make your site run as fast as possible. Even our customer service is optimized for WordPress: we speak the same WP language.
  3. We take care of updates, backups, security control and the rest. We update both WordPress core, themes and plugins, so you don’t have to worry about out-of-date components. We provide automatic backups and are prepared to fix any security issues that may occur.
  4. We are obsessed with security. In our service, a secured HTTPS connection is now a default feature and costs nothing extra. With HTTPS you secure your site, your customers’ personal information and also make the site faster and more attractive in the eyes of Google.
  5. When choosing our service you don’t have to worry about gigs and hertz. Our pricing is based on the user amount of your site, but the site will never slow down because of traffic peaks.
  6. Our pricing is clear and simple. Choose WP Pro for company websites,  WP Business for WooCommerce online stores, WP Corporate for bigger sites or small networks and WP Enterprise for more complex and demanding web services. The monthly cost includes both hosting, upkeep and domain fees. There will be no surprise additional costs along the way.
  7. We make WordPress as it should be: easy, safe and flexible. When you place your order at, you get your hands on readily installed WordPress within the next few hours. We do all the set-up and you just log in.
  8. We are a developer-friendly service and provide all the needed tools for building amazing websites. We can also provide hands-on training for developers in making the most of our workflow.

Read more about our WordPress plans.

Partner banners

As a partner, you can also use the following banners to show your customers that you work with us to provide Premium Hosting and Upkeep for WordPress with us.