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Log in and begin building or moving your site

You will find your login URL, username and password in the confirmation email we’ve sent you after completing your order. You will have immediate access to the environment you have ordered!

After logging in, you can start building your site or move an existing site to Seravo. Instructions on how to move your site can be found in the Seravo knowledge base. If desired, you can also order site migration from our WordPress experts.

Prepare your site for going live

It is advisable to perform an integrity and security check on your site before going live. If you ordered a migration from us, we will perform these tests for you.

Take note of the domain’s registrar. Have you transferred the domain to Seravo and verified the domain’s contact information? Or do you plan to use your own name server and maintain the DNS records yourself? Remember to consider if email services need any changes.

If you have any questions about going live with you site, you can find answers on our knowledge bank or contact our customer service.

Publish your WordPress site

When it’s finally time to go live, the site can be published via the WordPress dashboard (if the domain has been transferred to Seravo), or you can ask for help from our customer support.

If the domain is managed elsewhere, administrators should refer to our knowledge bank’s article on making DNS changes and using your own nameservers. The DNS records required for publishing your site can be found in the confirmation email you received upon ordering.

Get to know the Seravo Plugin

All sites in Seravo’s upkeep have a plugin that has been developed to make it easier to maintain, test and troubleshoot your site – the Seravo Plugin. These tools will allow you to clean up junk files, themes and add-ons, view your site’s resources, and much more.

You do not need to install additional plugins for security, backup or speed optimization – our premium hosting and upkeep takes care of these for you automatically!

Optimize your site’s speed

Seravo’s premium hosting and upkeep is optimized for WordPress, but a large number of plugins or poor quality code can cause your site to slow down and lose visitors.

Deep analysis of your site’s performance can be done with the help of services such as Tideways. On the Site Status of Seravo Plugin settings, you can find Seravo’s own speed test to measure the time it takes to create the desired page. We also offer speed analysis and optimization as an expert service.

Use the shadows for staging

Temporary copies of your site (also known as shadows) can be created for site development and testing purposes. In a shadow you can safely test another theme without worrying that your public site will break, for example.

If your site does not yet have a shadow, you can request our customer support to open one for you.

Are you a site developer interested in how shadows work? Check out our developer documentation!


Encountered a problem? Worry not! We provide a comprehensive set of tools and commands to help you troubleshoot your website. You can try to resolve site errors by examining log files, clearing caches, etc.

Head over to our knowledge base to read more about the most common ways and tools for troubleshooting!

Questions? Get in touch with our customer support,!