Let WordPress
Experts Help You

We’re here for you when you need us – even when you don’t yet know you need us. At Seravo, you’re backed by a team of experts who know WordPress inside out! As our customer, you won’t be alone with your site. Every Seravo’s employee is a WordPress expert, or will soon be with the help of our more experienced experts!

24/7 Monitoring

Every few minutes, Seravo’s 24/7 monitoring checks the functionality of every site in our service. The personnel working in Seravo’s monitoring will fix any problem that can be fixed by Seravo. We will notify you if further action is needed to resolve an acute problem!

We aim to have your site available 99.9% of the time, including during maintenance outages. Even if a problem is detected on your site, our 24/7 monitoring will get your WordPress site back up and running as quickly as possible. Focus on what’s important and let us take care of your WordPress site! You can always check the status of our servers at for up-to-date information.

In addition to constant 24/7 monitoring of WordPress sites, we also actively monitor developments in the WordPress ecosystem, Linux distributions and Internet technologies. This allows us to know in advance what’s new and what kind of changes are expected. This allows us to prepare for them on behalf of our customers; in most cases, we can avoid unpleasant surprises altogether!

Fast Customer Support for Free

Seravo offers a customer service where the whole staff knows WordPress! Based in Tampere, our customer service team of WordPress experts will help, advise and guide you on all your WordPress related questions for free. We’ll help you quickly, and you won’t have to wait days for a response to solve an acute problem. We are familiar with the features and concepts of WordPress.

We help you and do much more than conventional hosting providers. For example, we restore your site from a backup or make changes to DNS records on your behalf free of charge. We don’t charge any unexpected extra fees, and contacting our customer service is always free! With us, you pay nothing extra to keep your site up and running.

WordPress Consulting and Expert Services

Need help with WordPress database or Nginx server? Does your site need optimization or help with development? If your WordPress site has a trickier problem that needs profound troubleshooting, you can let Seravo’s WordPress experts to do the work for you as an additional service. Also check out our other additional services, such as Security Hardening or Pre-Check, when you want to make sure your site’s security is up to scratch, or when you’re expecting a peak in traffic on your site.

Documentation for DIY Enthusiasts

Would you rather do or learn how to do things by yourself? With Seravo’s help it’s possible! We provide a knowledge base and developer documentation so that you can make the most of maintaining your site yourself if you need to.

On Seravo’s blog you will also find many tips on how to maintain your website, such as optimization and security.

Pre-installed Software and Tools for Developers

Seravo’s plans also include separate staging environments (shadows) that make debugging or developing a new site easy and smooth. The shadows allow you to test your site’s edits and changes in a state that is as close as possible to production use.

In addition to the pre-installed Bedrock-based WordPress and secure SSH/SFTP connections, Seravo offers many tools and guidelines for developers.

In addition, Seravo’s environment provides many command-line tools to make your work and maintenance easier, such as backup and database management, HTTP cache testing, weak password scanning, log monitoring, PHP speed and load testing, email deliverability tests, and much more! Check out all the tools and commands in Seravo’s Developer Documentation.

Our service is quick to deploy – it takes less than an hour from project start to have the development environment and version control in place, after which the real work can begin. Saving time provides our developer customers with a financial benefit that is even greater than the excellent value for money of our service.

Benefits for Seravo’s Partners

Seravo partners up with web developers and digital and marketing agencies, and we are well known among customers and partners for doing everything we can. Over the years, we have learned to turn our strong technical background into a service that is appreciated by both professional coders and those who have not yet gained technical experience.

We offer our partners two different partnership models. As Seravo’s partner, you can be a referrer – for each referred site, we pay a referral fee twice a year. You can also become a reseller and receive a discount on our listed prices and many other reseller benefits! We also recommend our partners to our own customers for a wide range of WordPress website development needs.

Seravo has experience in hosting all types of WordPress and WooCommerce sites. When you choose Seravo, you save time and resources, and you can focus on what matters most: developing WordPress websites and online services! We provide you with the world’s fastest WordPress platform and the tools to help you deliver your projects efficiently.

Open Source

Open source means software that can be used, modified and distributed by anyone for any purpose. Open source software is often developed by expert-driven communities and collaborated on a global level.

By using open source software – such as WordPress – you are never tied to just one service provider! Open source is often more cost-effective than closed source, and it’s also secure thanks to its active community of developers who examine and fix the source code.

Many components of our service are fully open source, and software published by Seravo can be found on Seravo’s GitHub. Our customers can contribute to improving our WordPress project base, Seravo Plugin or Seravo developer documentation, for example.

WordPress is the world’s most popular content management system, and is also based on open source. We are an active part of the WordPress community by publishing WordPress plugins, doing translations, and participating in local WordPress meetups and WordCamp events in Finland and around the world.

Reliable Partner

Since 2023 Seravo has also been a Reliable Partner. Transparency and accountability are important to Seravo, and we carry out our duties in accordance with our legal obligations.