We have good news to our current and potential customers doing business in Asia – from now on Seravo offers the possibility to place your website in a data center in Singapore.

Server environment is the baseline for site speed

All website owners want their site to be as fast as possible as slow sites neither appeal to visitors nor rank well in search engine rankings. The server environment is the first step towards achieving that goal. It doesn’t matter how well a website has been coded if the server it’s using is unoptimized and built on old technology.

Instead of looking for the cheapest alternative for hosting it’s recommended to switch focus towards premium services specifically optimized for WordPress. Most of the time this choice alone has a significant effect on the site speed. The Seravo servers have been designed with the special characteristics and requirements of WordPress websites in mind, which is why additional speed optimization actions may not even be needed.

Location also matters

These days more and more companies operate globally, which is why it’s important to look at the server location in addition to server quality. If the server you are using is well maintained and optimized your website should load relatively fast from anywhere in the world. The effect of latency is not as significant as it once was. However, by choosing the right location for your server it’s still possible to get some additional boost to the site speed, which makes it worth considering.

Choosing a server location abroad is a good solution for companies whose most important market is outside of their home market as most of the visitors for their website will come from abroad. By using a server located in a specific area the latency for visitors in that area decreases. In addition, the planned maintenance activities for the server will be scheduled according to the local time zone instead of, for example, the Finnish one.

New alternative – Asia

Seravo customers have had the possibility to choose a server location in various countries for a long time now. So far the choices have had more of a Western focus, with servers in Finland, Sweden, Germany, and the United States. However, we have also received a growing amount of requests for a data center in Asia, since it’s such a growing market and therefore also an important place for business for many Finnish and European companies.

We are happy to announce that our new cluster in Singapore is now up and running and our customers can now order a plan with Singapore as the server location. With this addition, we can better serve customers whose main market is in Asia. Our servers in Singapore are of the same excellent quality our customers are accustomed to and the plans naturally include our upkeep service. We take care of the technical details so that you can concentrate on growing your business – be it in Asia or any other part of the world.