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Unbeatable performance

The most common problems on WordPress sites are related to either speed or security. At Seravo we have built a server environment from the ground up to make sure our customers don’t have to suffer from either one. We use only high-end hardware, best of the breed software solutions and amazing Linux server and database experts to deliver the service.

Automatic scaling

Our plans are simple to understand and the customer does not need to calculate in advance how many gigahertz or megas are needed for the site. We provide you with an environment for the WordPress site and we ensure it always has enough capacity for your needs. As a customer, you simply pay for the amount of traffic the site has. For Seravo’s customers, getting a peak of visitors is always a welcomed event!

A blog article went viral. On Reddit alone there was 155 000 shares. Seravo’s server didn’t seem to slow down at all despite the huge traffic spike.

Pasi Kovanen, Vincit

HTTP/2 adopted among the first

Our HTTP traffic is delivered using optimized Nginx web servers that support the latest HTTP/2 and HTTPS standards and techniques. HTTP/2 is a huge step in the evolution of Internet and it has deprecated techniques like minification and concatenation. With HTTP/2 your website will load visibly faster by web browsers without any changes to code or structure.

We adopted HTTP/2 already in 2016 and we are committed to quickly adopt all new technologies that our customers might benefit of.

Image optimization built-in

One of the single most common reasons for slowly loading websites are unnecessary big image files. At Seravo we deploy an automatic image optimizer on our servers that both scales down unnecessary large images and optimally compresses them so the site will have visually good looking images with the smaller file size possible.

Run WordPress with PHP 7.3

WordPress is written in the PHP programming language. By using the latest version available, PHP 7.3, the code runs as quickly as possible and has all new features available.

PHP 7.3 has been available to our customers almost immediately after it was released since December 2018 and we will bring all future releases to our customers equally quickly.

HTTP caching built-in – no need for plugins

Our servers have HTTP caching built-in. All sites comply with normal HTTP cache header practices will automatically be cached by our HTTP front proxies. All HTTP responses delivered from the cache will be 10x faster than if the backend PHP was involved.

Database optimized by MariaDB experts

Typically the performance bottle-neck for any PHP backend usually stems from how much time was spent by PHP to fetch contents from the database. Seravo’s staff includes people who participate in developing MariaDB itself, so our database servers are optimized like no where else.

Redis for object caching

WordPress itself includes caching techniques called object cache and transients that help avoid excess database round-trips and PHP cycles. These are accelerated by orders of magnitude if the server environment has a Redis in-memory storage service available – naturally we have had that as standard for all customers, always.

Linux servers built with passion

The background of Seravo is not in hosting nor in website development, but we come from a world of Linux server administration, softare development and devops. While we have experience in WordPress development as well, most of our skills come from participating in open source projects at large and the applying the best practices to the WordPress ecosystem.

Performant hardware

While some competitors advertise that they use SSD disks, we have already moved to the next level. All of our new hardware uses a new breed of disks based on the PCIe-NVMe technology, which makes the disks almost as fast as RAM memory.

Tools for developers

Having fast servers isn’t always enough. We also want to empower developers to get insight into what is going on on their website and how to measure it. Therefore our SSH environment has many tools for speed and performance measurement pre-installed and there is plenty of logs and reports for developers to study. With the development environment we provide it is also easy to fire up Xdebug and profile exactly what the PHP code on the WordPress site is doing.

For real-time profiling in production and PHP error reports we provide a integration. For more information see

Performance experts

Our staff included multiple performance experts, which are also available for consulting if you are building a WordPress site with particular needs. We also frequently attend WordPress Meetups and WordCamps and talk about security and performance. Below is one of our recent presentations:

Test and validate it yourself

We are willing to prove our claims. If your site currently scores low on tools like or GTmetrix, please contact our sales for a demo and we will show you how a copy of your site performs on our servers.

Wait, there is more!

Speed is not the only thing Seravo is good at. We also provide many other things to make our service complete and be the best partner for you to operate your WordPress sites:

  • 24/7 monitoring ensuring that WordPress works
  • tested updates for WordPress, plugins and themes
  • security protection with a guarantee
  • automatic backups and many other things included, so there are many WordPress plugins you can stop installing when you migrate to Seravo

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