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Improve Security of Your WordPress Site


When your website is hosted at Seravo, you can be sure that it remains safe. How can security risks be minimized? Use these tips to improve the security of your WordPress site!

WordPress 6.2 “Dolphy” Released


What’s new in WordPress 6.2? Learn more about new features and biggest improvements.

WordPress 6.0 Arturo – What’s Changed?


WordPress 6.0 was a major update. What changed along with it?

WordPress 5.7 Esperanza – what’s new?


WordPress 5.7 was named after jazz bassist Esperanza Spalding. Many updates and improvements are coming up!

WordPress 5.4 Is Out


A new WordPress version 5.4 was released on March 31. As usual, WordPress releases are named after legendary jazz musicians. This time the honor goes...

WordPress 5.3 “Kirk” Released


November 12 gave us a new WordPress version 5.3, also known as "Kirk" in honor of the late great jazz multi-instrumentalist Rahsaan Roland Kirk. The ...

WordPress 5.2 “Jaco” is Released


WordPress 5.2 is the second major release for 2019 with a focus on site health, updated PHP requirements, PHP error protection, and improvements to t...

The Next-Generation WordPress Testing System


Part of our premium WordPress hosting and upkeep service is testing and updating our customers' sites for errors and otherwise reduced functionality....

How We Test WordPress Updates


Maybe the most innovative feature on, certainly one we're most proud of, are our state-of-art tested updates. This article will ...

When something happens, your online publication needs to stay available


Fast news, long streams or high peaks in traffic? For online publications the top priority is to be accurate, on time and fast. In online journali...