WP Pro and WP Business plans have been with the same price for 5 years. It is time to make a small adjustment. From 1.3.2021 the prices for new orders will be 35€/month for WP Pro and 55€/month for WP Business.

Pricing for our WP Pro and WP Business plans has remained unchanged since the beginning of our operation. The time has come to make a small raise to these plans. The price for the plans on any new orders will be 35€/month for WP Pro and 55€/month for WP Business.

The new prices only affect new orders starting from March 1st 2021. New orders up until 28.2.2021 will still be quoted with the current pricing.

Seravo has been operating on the same pricelist since March 2019 when we launched our WP Corporate plan. The previous change was in 2018 when we changed the details in the plans. In the past five years we have steadily improved our service and added new features so it was time to make a small adjustment to our pricing as well. Based on the feedback from our customers the most important part of our service is the quality we provide and not the price. Therefore we want to underline our status as the best upkeep service and keep improving our service in the future.

WP Pro plan with the new 35€/month pricing is still the most cost effective solution on the market for hosting and upkeep bundled together. The features we provide are still unmatched by our competition – real 24/7 monitoring, tested updates for WordPress core, themes and plugins, security guarantee, top notch speed optimized platform and all of our other features.

The pricing for WP Corporate, additional domains, and other additional services will remain at current levels.

Expert services starting from 95€/hour

Our Expert Service hourly price has been unchanged from the beginning as well. Alongside the price list change we will update our expert service pricing in the beginning of March. Price for our WordPress consulting will be updated to 95€/hour and Special WordPress consulting to 150€/hour. Standby support will be quoted 150€/3 hours and 250€/8 hours.

In addition to this we will add a new policy of adding a expert services surcharge of 50% for work delivered outside our normal business hours and a 100% surcharge for rushed same day delivery. Therefore the highest pay category for our expert services will be 375€/hour (150€/h +50% +100%). With this we can offer a service for sudden cases that arise late in the evening for a high level expert work that is needed to get the sites back in running before business continues the next morning. Our experts will communicate beforehand the surcharges added to the work with the customer to make sure customers can choose the right time to fulfill their needs. Seravo ensures that even demanding tasks will be handled and the customer will not be left alone.

Prices for Launch team and Security hardening will remain the same.

It’s not the small price but the big gains

Even after our new update, our smallest package WP Pro is still equivalent to a single business phone plan per month. The “loss” is relatively small compared to the gains, considering the significance of a website as a customer channel. Especially the year 2020 has moved business even more online so it makes sense to invest in a highly functional website.

Our customers have clearly expressed that quick, up-to-date and secure WordPress sites are the most important thing for them. If better hosting and upkeep draws even one percent more visitors to their site, the investment is usually worth it.

Some of our customers have reported a 10% increase in visitors after moving their site to Seravo. Our fast infrastructure is one of the things Google and other search engines appreciate in their algorithms. Seravo has a lot of techniques that bring direct value to our customers and we plan to keep improving these aspects even further.

Old prices available until the end of February

You can still take advantage of our current lower prices and order now. The current prices are available for anyone to order until the 28th of February.