Tested updates

Tested updates

We update all your sites securely and frequently – themes and plugins included. We always test updates in a separate environment so nothing breaks on your live site.

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Faster performance

Faster WordPress

Our platform is optimised for WordPress speed and scalability. Your site will benefit from using technologies like Nginx caching, PHP7, Redis and PageSpeed, pre-installed on every server environment.

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Secure and protected

Secure and monitored

We monitor your site 24/7 and are prepared to fix any issues or threats whenever they occur. Our platform provides redundancy on multiple levels for highest possible availability.

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HTTPS by default

We use Let’s Encrypt to secure connections used by your site with HTTPS. All our plans include HTTPS certificates for your domains with no additional cost.

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Tools for developers

One reason why WordPress developers love us is we provide all the tools needed for them, no restrictions or limitations. SSH, WP-CLI, Git or Composer? Vagrant, shadows, or integration testing? – You need it, we’ve got it.

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Scalable for every need

We offer service for every kind of website from small single-pages to huge global publications. Just choose the package fit for you. You don’t have to worry about gigs or hertz because your site will just always function – even during traffic peaks.

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WordPress made safe

We back up all your files and databases off-site every day. If something goes missing or breaks, you can always easily restore your site or just parts of it from a snapshot within 30 days. During denial of service attacks we’re there to make sure your site still stays alive and kicking.

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Modern tech

Our service is built on top of our very own bespoke server infrastructure. We take advantage of modern open source technologies like PHP7, MariaDB, Nginx, Docker and Redis to bring you the fastest and most reliable WordPress experience possible.

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Expertise and enthusiasm

We are a bunch of Nordic WordPress experts and enthusiasts with a strong background in open source development. In monitoring we rely on robots but our customer service consists of real people. We may be nerds, but we speak human too.

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Tested Updates

Old software is often vulnerable to security breaches. The Seravo upkeep service includes regular updates to the WordPress core, plugins, and themes, making sure your site remains safe to use.

Our update process is one of the safest on the market. All updates are done on a shadow copy of the site and thoroughly tested before the actual production site is updated. Updates are done on a regular basis unless the customer has explicitly disabled them from their site settings.

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Faster WordPress

Long loading times drive away potential customers and readers. This is why we have optimized our service on all meaningful levels. Our aim is to ensure that the sites we host remain responsive even if there should be a sudden peak in visitors.

Our customer service is just as optimized: Place an order and we will deliver you a pre-installed WordPress site during the same business day. We can either set you up with a new site or you can hire us to move your old site over to our service. We will naturally be there to assist you when it's time to publish your site.

Learn more about our optimizations.

Secure and Monitored

Seravo’s 24/7 monitoring and response is on standby around the clock every day and automatically alarms about all the abnormalities. We fix issues proactively so that often the problems don’t even reach the customer’s site.

We also take of the backups: all sites, files, and database content are automatically backed up daily. Hence all our sites can be easily restored if necessary.

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HTTPS by default

HTTPS protection ensures that the site information and data does not get into the hands of outsiders. A certificate is especially important for sites that require a client sign-in and for sites that process personal information.

Additionally, websites protected with HTTPS rank higher on Google and HTTPS is also a requirement for HTTP/2, another feature that is included in all of our plans.

Tools for Developers

As experienced WordPress developers ourselves we have a good understanding of what kind of an environment is required to get the job done. All these tools are included in our plans:

  • SFTP/SSH for file transfers and console connections
  • Git for version control
  • Composer for dependency management
  • WP-CLI for managing WordPress from the command line
  • Ruby and Node.js to enable technologies like rspec and Gulp

We also offer small-scale WordPress development services and developer training to our customers.

Read more about our developer tools and check out our developer documentation

Scalable for Every Need

Our scalable platform fits all sizes: our customers range from bloggers to global online stores. We sell functionality instead of gigs and hertz, which is why the pricing of our plans is based on visitor amounts. One thing we will never do is to throttle your site, even during a surprise surge of visitors.

We also make it very simple to upgrade your plan if the popularity growth of your site proves to be of a more permanent nature. Same goes if you should have a need for additional functionality, like e-commerce features.

Read more about scalable server environment.

WordPress Made Safe

Up to a third of the websites in the world are built using WordPress. Unfortunately, this makes WordPress also very interesting in the eyes of cybercriminals. Automated robots are constantly attacking WordPress sites. In addition to our regular updates, we have many ways of securing our customers' sites.

A safe environment guarantees that there aren’t any security breaches. Seravo secures user IDs and passwords with encrypted https connections and monitors the sites 24/7. Our regular security scans detect any hidden malicious code and our automatic backups make cleaning up and restoring easy. This all is included in our plans – no extra charge.

Security is a standard feature for all of our customers. We are so sure about our operations and expertise that we offer a security guarantee for all of our customers. If a site is hacked regardless of all our precautions, we will clean it up, free of charge.

Read more about the way we handle security.

Expertise and Enthusiasm

The Seravo team consists of Nordic WordPress experts with a strong background in open source development. The majority of our servers is located in Finland but we offer our customers a choice of servers around the globe.

We don't offer only customer service but expertise. You can rely on our experts and documentation to guide you through any WordPress-related issues. Don't hesitate to get in touch with us!