Premium Hosting and Upkeep for WordPress

If you found us, it means you were looking for more. You were not ready to settle with empty words and promises. You want proven speed, guaranteed security, and you want professionals taking care of your website updates. And you want real humans answering your questions.


Industry-leading Speed & Scalable

1. Philosophy Behind the Speed

We’ve built our service from the ground up with the sole purpose of being able to provide the ultimate WordPress hosting experience.

Optimized for

From the tools and technologies to
technical and support
teams, we bring you the next level web hosting experience.

No Unnecessary

We’re very selective of the software we install on our servers and WordPress sites.

Speed Matters

Being fast is important for your site visitors, essential for your SEO ranking, and better for the environment.

2. Power Under the Hood

We are always using the latest and greatest when it comes to speed and stability-enhancing software. But we’re also very selective at the same time.

3. Industry-leading Speed

Google Analysis of fastest hosts shows that Seravo was better on average than the traditional industry leaders in the WordPress ecosystem.

4. Scalable WordPress

Seravo’s technology also makes it possible for sites to deal with sudden and significant increases in traffic without a bump in the site performance.

A blog article went viral. On Reddit alone there were 155 000 shares. Seravo’s server didn’t seem to slow down at all despite the huge traffic spike.

Pasi Kovanen


Unique Updates & Security Guarantee

1. Philosophy Behind the Security

We provide you with a custom platform built from the ground up with an uncompromising vision on security. Security is not solely a technical concept for us. It is a complete package.

Secure by Default
We do not make
compromises in security.

Radical Transparency
If your solution needs unique attention,
you can organize a security test with us.

Not Only About Technology
Not just as
IT professionals – the way we manage our entire business is what makes us reliable partners.

2. Unique Seravo updates

The Pioneers in the tech curve, always up to date. Always on the safe side of the development. Learn more about how we update everything from the core to plugins and themes.

3. 24/7 Monitoring, Protection, and Response

The threat is always there, but so are we! Our systems and operators ensure that all websites run smoothly, constantly.

4. Security Guarantee

If our client’s site gets hacked despite protection and updates, we promise to clean and restore it without any extra cost.

I would highly recommend Seravo’s managed instances for anyone doing serious WordPress development

Vicențiu Ciorbaru
Senior software developer at MariaDB Foundation


From Carbon-neutral to Carbon negative

At Seravo, we are also parents, brothers, sisters, relatives, friends – we feel the duty and obligation in the name of our loved ones to responsibly run our business. This is why we have taken steps to make sure, that we are carbon-neutral, aspiring to move even further, one-day becoming carbon negative.

1. We Use Green Energy

We carefully choose our energy providers, making sure that most, if not all of our energy come from renewable (wind, solar, or water) sources.

2. We Invest in Wetlands

We invest in wetlands as it stores carbon. Through this, we are able to protect the nature that helps reduce global warming.

3. Encourage Green Thinking

We improve company policies to further reduce our footprint on the environment.


Monitoring and Fast Support by Experts

1. Philosophy Behind Seravo

Behind the optimized server environment to make your website fast and secure, there is also power of the real hands-on care.

Ease of Mind for Our Customers
Seravo will own the responsibility of keeping your website functional.

Giving Back
We invest our time and resources into several causes that make this world a better place for all.

Constant Innovation
“The arrogance of success is to think that what you did yesterday will be sufficient for tomorrow.” W. Pollard

2. Real and Fast Support

We are there for you when you need us. And we are there for you also when you do not know that you need us.

3. Expert Services and Training

Sometimes you need more. We have WordPress and WooCommerce experts available.

WordPress Consulting
For simple matter or complex development challenges.

Launch Team service
Making sure that the site launch will be a success.

Experts Ready Sometimes you need
to be sure, so you might need our expert on standby – we are also available at night time or on weekends.

4. Being there for Agencies and Freelancers

Tools so you can deliver effective projects and then hand over management and support so you can focus on the next project.

A cherry on top is the good communication from our assigned contact person

Tatu Sahrman
Co-Founder of Rekki

Our customers

Situations, needs, and wishes are different.

Here are just some samples of how we bring value to our clients and partners

Handling High-Volume Traffic Peaks During Software Releases

Looking for ease of use and professional partner for website upkeep

Appreciates fast-loading website to support international growth

Peace of mind from having not to worry about the server security

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WP Pro

Professionals, freelancers and steady small businesses

30 € / month

10,000 visits / month
15 GB storage

WP Business

Growing businesses and e-commerce

45 € / month

30,000 visits / month
30 GB storage
WooCommerce support

WP Corporate

Large and complex websites and e-commerce

100 € / month

60,000 visits / month
60 GB storage
WooCommerce support
Multisite (< 5 sites)

WP Enterprise

Custom solutions for comprehensive sites

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60,000+ visits / month
60+ GB storage
WooCommerce support
Multisite (5+ sites)
Dedicated account manager