Fast news, long streams or high peaks in traffic?

For online publications the top priority is to be accurate, on time and fast. In online journalism today even a second is a long time to wait for a story to open up. Various types of media content – videos, blogs and comments, live streams and social media streams are an essential part of online newspapers, magazines and other publications. They must also be fluently readable both from desktop at the office, on a tiny phone screen while sitting on the bus and on a tablet sitting on your couch at home.

When something happens, a newspaper is still one of the most trusted sources of information, even online. It can be difficult to predict when a traffic peak will hit the site or when a story goes viral. When choosing hosting and upkeep from Seravo, one doesn’t ever have to worry about exceeding artificial limitations: the site will always function as fast as it possibly can and scale when required.

When there was a large strike among Finnish workers in 2015, our customer received far more traffic than usually. In two days the site answered to over 5,6 million HTTP requests. During the highest peak our server served over 100 HTTP requests per second. During those peaks the server latency  remained clearly under the desirable 200 ms. As many as 99% of all page loads took less than 10 ms, thanks to our cache optimizations.

You update the content, we update the core (and plugins, too)

WordPress used to have a reputation of being a blog portal, but nowadays the content management system is used for all types of websites and online services, even as a basis for web applications. When it comes to online publications, many of the blogger-friendly principles come alive again: the content has to be easily updated, responsive in all devices and have good visibility in search engines.

If your publication, be it of a large news corporation or a one man’s blog, needs to be faster, safer or more functional, don’t hesitate to ask more about our service. Our upkeep will make sure that your voice will be heard online as clearly as it can.