Top 5 Reasons to Use WP Web Hosting for E-Commerce

Wordpress Web Hosting for E-Commerce

Commerce has probably been around for as long as mankind has existed. Tens of thousands of years ago people exchanged food and tools with each other. With the development of agricultural societies and the emergence of markets in human settlements, monetary units appeared as a means of exchange. Thousands of years later, with the advent of machines, came the age of industry, and only a century later – technology entered every sphere of our lives, establishing a new era of technology.

No matter what epoch we live in, It simply looks like trade is in our veins. And nowadays, with the development of modern technology, the e-commerce business is increasing irreversibly. That’s why many novice internet merchants and people who want to find clients for their services online are hesitating whether to choose a custom or a WordPress hosting service for their e-commerce.

Presently more than 40% of all websites which people around the globe surf every day are built on WordPress (WP), and their number is steadily increasing. Among them are some of the most successful online merchants.

What E-Commerce is?

“E-commerce” might sound like a complicated tech concept, but actually it is just the short form of “electronic commerce”, i.e. selling and purchasing goods and services on the Internet. In everyday language, it is commonly called “Internet commerce”. It doesn’t matter at all if retailing, wholesale, dropshipping, subscriptions for downloadable digital goods, or other services. Any trade conducted online acts for “e-commerce”.

Here’s a curious fact. Can you guess what was the first thing securely sold on the Internet? Pizza? A pair of shoes? A flight ticket? No. Though a popular pizza chain in the USA started selling pizzas online in late August 1994, the first-ever online purchase was conducted on the 11th of August 1994 when a person bought a CD of Sting through the US retail platform NetMarket. Since then, E-Commerce has spread its wings to make stock easier to sell and buy.

What is WordPress Web Hosting and Why is it Necessary?

Before creating your flashy and remarkable WP-based e-commerce website, beginning with the pleasure of choosing the best WordPress theme, as usual, you need to take 3 immutable and a little bit tedious first steps:

  1. Purchase a domain address;
  2. Buy a hosting plan;
  3. Install WordPress.

One of the things that set WP apart from other similar CMS platforms is that it offers its own WordPress hosting service. WordPress hosting is a refined, secure, and well-performing hosting service that’s optimized to work in the best possible way with any WordPress template and plan available.

WordPress can be used with any custom web hosting service, and it will still work fine. But if you have decided that your future e-commerce business will evolve on WP, then WordPress hosting will be a better choice for you as WordPress hosting plans are developed to provide a wonderful symbiosis with any WordPress website.

No matter if you choose a custom or a WordPress web hosting, your WordPress-based website will still work great, and any WordPress web hosting service could maintain it for you. We strongly recommend using a WordPress hosting and upkeep, but we will reveal more detail about it later.

Types of WordPress Web Hosting

With WordPress web hosting you could choose between two main types: shared and dedicated.

Shared WordPress web hosting is the cheaper version where many websites are based on a single physical web server. The cheaper price derives from the fact that the server maintenance expenses are shared between several people, but the maximum traffic you can gain is limited.

Dedicated WordPress web hosting, on the other hand, provides your website with its own physical server. The service has a more expensive price, but you can get limitless traffic with it.

The only thing you need to do is consider what your traffic needs will be. The experts of your WordPress web hosting plan will do the rest. In case you initially choose a shared server due to economic considerations, but your needs subsequently increase – they can anytime assist you in switching to an individual physical server fast and smoothly.

Is WordPress hosting appropriate for all e-commerce varieties?

WordPress hosting is a great opportunity for each of these 4 types of e-commerce models, ensuring 24/7 support, quick service, and reliability:

  • when a merchant is offering goods or services to a regular customer, for example, online clothing stores, hotel reservations, supermarkets, hardware traders, doctor appointments, etc. (Business to Consumer, or shortly B2C);
  • when selling services or stocks to another party for business use, for instance, a company is maintaining a software system of an institution, hospital, any huge corporation, or university (Business to Business, or shortly B2B);
  • a consumer is doing a paid service for an organization, e.g. freelance authors, photographs, artists, influencers, etc. (Consumer to Business, or shortly C2B);
  • when someone is selling their old laptop on Amazon, or their car on a website for second-hand cars (Consumer to Consumer, or (C2C).

Why choose WordPress (WP) for your online shop or services?

WordPress is the most popular CMS platform in the world, preferred by many online merchants due to its easy usage, high-quality at low-price service, and quick maintenance. Here are the main reasons why WordPress is great for your online store, no matter if for goods or services:

  • Wonderful e-commerce themes

    WP provides many ready-to-use e-commerce templates. They all are refined, mobile responsive, and well-arranged. That’s why clients experience delight when reaching any of the hundreds of very cool and successful WordPress-based online shops, such as Odyssey BMX, Porter & York, and Roberto Coin.

  • Fast WordPress loading

    It is compulsory for an online store or another type of business page to load promptly, even when the speed of the client’s internet connection or device is compromised. Slow site performance might drive customers away and lead to poor ranking in search engines like Google and Bing.

    WP can help you make your e-commerce website load quickly by compressing images and videos of products without ruining their good quality.

  • Easy and quick updates

    WP has quite an easy interface. Whenever you need your online store updated with new products or you want to remove the ones sold, it will happen immediately and smoothly. All products and services ordered from your online shop will be correctly marked and conducted.

  • Publishing ads for products on social media automatically

    Regular social media presence is very important for the success of every single e-commerce business nowadays. They’re mainly popularized by platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. WordPress could publish automatically all your new products or services on the social media pages of your business. Thus, you may reach people faster and get better trade success.

  • Better SEO efficiency

    WP may help your business be easily reached by Google, providing wonderful add-ons that could generate winning keywords in the hidden metatext or insert them into the descriptions of the images.

Why Choose a WordPress (WP) Web Hosting for E-Commerce?

Here we present you the top 5 reasons why you won’t do a mistake if you count on WordPress hosting for your e-shop:

  1. 24/7 support from WordPress IT experts

    Nearly all hosting companies provide support, but with WordPress web hosting service you could make sure that the expert who will help you solve any issue is well-versed in all the features and specialties of the platform, such as a server and add-ons. In addition, you could count on 24/7 support by chat and ticketing, which, in fact, is even better than having your own IT team working from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday to Friday.

    While regular hosting companies are focused on many other custom-based and CMS platforms, hence they might have a superficial knowledge of WordPress – the WP web hosting team of experts is focused on WordPress only. That’s why they will for sure know how to repair and improve your e-commerce website’s command performance and visual appearance right away. As every internet merchant well knows, every time an e-commerce business site is down it can lead to irretrievable monetary losses.

    In addition to providing you with the best fix service, WP experts can provide you with the best possible pieces of advice too. The WordPress team can assist you with literally everything concerning your hosting, including an option to help you sell it very fast to another client of theirs, in case you someday decide to do it.

  2. Great features

    What WP web hosting provides for e-commerce might be even better than what other hosting and server plans provide. WordPress hosting plans have some refined features that help you collaborate quite easier and more efficiently with your customers and business partners.

    The particular peculiarities of each WordPress hosting plan are different, but choosing those that fit the best for your sequence of marketing, communication, commercial, and other regular processes might make your e-commerce business much more beneficial. These features might help you communicate instantly with your clients and even with team members. Actually, such an extra will be even more useful and satisfactory for your customers, as their gratification is the main asset of any successful e-commerce business.

    Other great features are the possibility of flushing the cache easily, checking the site’s slow error logs, all the WP plugins that can make your online stall easier to use and more entertaining for your visitors, and even more.

  3. Stable security protection

    One of the worst threats to any е-commerce business, if not the worst, is having your website hacked. This can be provoked by amateur hackers who do this for fun and thus fill the emptiness in their free time. But often these kinds of damage are conducted by hackers hired by unscrupulous business competitors to do the harm. You should always be prepared in the best way to meet such a challenge, and inquiring the WordPress web hosting experts is the best possible solution.

    In addition, with WordPress web hosting you will be able to take advantage of all WP security measures available, including the regular backups of your e-commerce website that could restore the whole of your content after a potential cyber-attack.

  4. Excellent privacy settings

    Protecting your private data from third-party is also among the priorities of any WordPress web hosting plan. Even if your site gets hacked, not only will the support team of experts help you restore your website by means of backups, but they will also help you protect the privacy of yours and your customers.

    In addition, WordPress web hosting includes great features such as preventing and removing malware, strong password suggestions, a limited number of login attempts, and two-factor authentication.

    WordPress could definitely help you make your best to avoid any privacy concerns, so you could fully focus on your business and make your clients satisfied. “Unless you have 100% customer satisfaction, you must improve”, once said the founder of Ritz-Carlton Horst Schultz.

  5. Easy installation of an SSL certificate

    An e-commerce business website may need an SSL certificate for two main reasons: to keep all its data secure and for verifying the ownership of the website. It could prevent malicious e-commerce rivals from creating a copy version of your website and faking it, thus affecting the trust in your business. Fortunately, WordPress hosting plans include a very easy-to-certify and adding process of an SSL certificate on your e-commerce website.

    SSL certificates include information such as the domain name, which person or organization it was issued to, by when it is valid, etc. It guarantees that your e-commerce business is trustworthy as your customers know who or what is behind the facade of the website.

    Usually, the process of creating an SSL certificate may take much more steps when using other hosting providers. The installation of an SSL certificate often requires long and cumbersome communication between you, the hosting company, and your certificate provider. But with WordPress web hosting this takes just a few clicks.

Wordpress Web Hosting for E-Commerce


The major convenience of using WordPress web hosting is that the experts of WP will take care of all the tedious stuff, and you will be able to undistractedly focus on the development of your online business and satisfying your client’s needs in the best possible way. In addition, WordPress hosting has plenty of features and tools that can make you communicate more productively with your customers and team members.

Why not check the WP web hosting and upkeep plans by Seravo? No matter if you choose an economical or a more expensive plan, with Seravo you will benefit from the following features: domain and DNS, free SSL certificates, automatic daily backups, real and fast support, expert services, multiple data centers globally, fast and scalable platform, PHP 7.4 support, Server-level and Redis cache, built-in image optimization, tested WordPress updates, 24/7 monitoring, 24/7 customer support, advanced security measures, security guarantee, developer tools, and included SSH access.

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