Premium Hosting and Upkeep for WordPress

WP Upkeep takes care of WordPress’s speed, security and updates. You can focus on building your business flexibly and safely.


Seravo is the only hosting service that also upkeeps and monitors your WordPress site 24/7. Our features are made for developers, designers and users.


Industry-leading Speed & Scalable WordPress. We’ve built our service from the ground up with the purpose to provide the ultimate WordPress hosting experience.


With Unique Seravo Updates & a Security Guarantee we do not make compromises in security. All of our plans include regular updates for WordPress, plugins, and themes.


Monitoring and Fast Support by Experts. Behind the optimized server environment to make your website fast and secure, there is also power of the real hands-on care.


We offer plans for all types of businesses, freelancers and agencies. Suitable for everything from blogs, e-commerce and custom solutions.

WP Pro
30 € / month
Professionals, freelancers and small businesses
10 000 visits / month
15 GB storage
WP Business
45 € / month
Growing businesses and e-commerce
30 000 visits / month
30 GB storage
WooCommerce support
WP Corporate
100 € / month
Large and complex websites and e-commerce
60 000 visits
30 GB storage
WooCommerce support
Multisite < 5 sites
WP Enterprise
Ask for an offer
Custom solutions for comprehensive sites
60 000+ visits / month
60+ GB storage
WooCommerce support
Multisite 5+ sites
Dedicated account manager

Our customers

Over 4000 customers trust their websites in Seravo’s upkeep. Now it is time for you to try us out as well!

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Webinar: Search function and how to customize it

Seravo’s first webinar of 2021 on January 14th. How to use and customize WordPress search function.


Seravo supports PHP 8.0 already

Seravo has sponsored making PHP 8.0 available for all users of Debian and Ubuntu. Seravo was probably the first hosting provider to support PHP 8.0 for WordPress.


WordPress 5.6 is out

New WordPress 5.6 published. Support for PHP 8.0 and many updates to REST API


What’s new in PHP 8?

On November 26th 2020, there will be a new version of PHP released. This new release has a number of new features, as well as implementing some non-backward compatible changes. Seravo has already started testing and deploying the release candidates of PHP 8.0 to our servers.


WordPress.Org Calls For PHP 8.0 Testers: Seravo Answers

On October 6th 2020, the WordPress Core team put out a call for testers. Specifically, there was a requirement for […]


So your site got blocked by your browser?

At Seravo, we occasionally encounter cases where customers contact us regarding information security cases. In occasion these include situations where […]


We do all the setup, you just log in.

By choosing Seravo you’ll enjoy pre-installed WordPress right away. Just submit your order online, our customer service will help you get set up as soon as possible.