Sensorem – The Importance of Ranking High on Google

In Sweden, Sensorem has developed a security alarm that provides greater freedom and security for seniors and relatives. Taking walks in the woods, going on trips and daring to shower unassisted – these everyday activities are natural and pose no threat for most people, but not for everyone. That’s why Sensorem has developed a service where, with a simple press of a button on your wrist, help and assistance are always within your reach – no matter where you are.

Security – With Ease

The only thing the user needs to do to activate the alarm is to press the watch’s physical alarm button. When the alarm is activated, the user’s relatives are automatically called by the watch’s built-in speakerphone and receive text messages and push notifications from the Sensorem app, in which they can also see the watch’s GPS position on a map. If the user’s relatives do not respond, the call is forwarded to Sensorem’s alarm center, which is open around the clock. If the situation is urgent, the alarm center connects the call to SOS alarm which can send an ambulance etc. The watch itself is neat and discreet, and of course also shows the time.

Seravo Helps WordPress Sites to Rank High on Google

Sensorem’s watch allows you to raise the alarm wherever you are, even when outdoors. The sale of Sensorem’s alarms takes place primarily via Sensorem’s website. The most important channel for driving customers to the website is to rank high on Google, and here the collaboration with Seravo is a very important component.

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Seravo Supports Sensorem Throughout the Journey

Seravo supports Sensorem throughout the entire customer journey, ensuring that the site remains secure and functional, regardless of traffic spikes. Thanks to 30-day backups and Seravo’s unique security guarantee, the site can be restored from a backup at no cost, even in the unfortunate event of a security breach.

Seravo Keeps Your WordPress Site Safe and Secure

No matter which subscription plan you choose for hosting your WordPress site, Seravo’s security guarantee ensures that even if the site was targeted by hackers, it will be restored and cleared of all malware. Recovering from such an occurrence happens completely free of charge – as long as the passwords are strong and kept safe by the WordPress users.

For more information on how to create a strong password and keep it safe, read our previous blog post on how to make your WordPress site even more secure! You can also read more on security at Seravo by taking a look at our security FAQ.

Sensorem has developed a security alarm that provides greater freedom and security for seniors and their families.

About Sensorem

Sensorem is a private alarm service that works everywhere – at home or when traveling. The alarm works with the help of a smartwatch that calls the relatives you have configured on the device. If no relative answers, the call is forwarded to an alarm center that is manned around the clock. For more information in English, head over to!