WooCommerce 7.9 – What’s New?


Last month, on 17 July, WooCommerce version 7.9 was released. This update includes a number of exciting features and improvements, designed to enhance the user experience and provide better functionality for WooCommerce admin users. It’s estimated that around 30% of all online stores worldwide use WooCommerce – no wonder, as it’s ideal for e-commerce sites of all sizes.

Not familiar with WooCommerce yet, and looking for information on how to get started quickly? Read more about getting started with WooCommerce in our earlier post!

WooCommerce 7.9 Updates

Upcoming Changes for PHP Version Requirements

Although WooCommerce 7.9 still supports PHP 7.3, WooCommerce now comes with a note about the upcoming changes to PHP requirements. The note reminding users of this change is visible in the WordPress dashboard upon logging in. From version 8.2 onwards, WooCommerce will require the use of at least PHP version 7.4.

By updating your WordPress site’s PHP version, you’ll also improve its security and speed. Updating to a newer PHP version is therefore recommended at the earliest convenience – after ensuring the site’s theme and plugins already support the PHP version you’re upgrading into.

For more information about updating your site’s PHP version – and ensuring nothing breaks when updating – please refer to this article in Seravo’s knowledge bank.

From version 8.2 onwards, WooCommerce will require the use of PHP 7.4.

Mini Cart Settings

The sidebar of the Mini Cart editor has been updated, improving its appearance and ease of use. Its features have stayed the same, but the update brings the menu a more professional look and feel.

In WooCommerce 7.9, Mini Cart block editor looks now more professional and is easier to use.

New Blocks in WooCommerce 7.9

WooCommerce 7.9 also brings new blocks with it. In the future, the following blocks are available on sites using a block theme: single product, product catalogue, product search result, products by attribute, products by category and products by tag. These will also become the new default templates, replacing the previous classic template. You can enable or disable the new blocks via the site editor.

New WooCommerce blocks will be available on the site, if the site is using a block theme.

Fixes for Bugs, Improved Security

As with all major releases, WooCommerce 7.9 addresses a wide variety of bug fixes and security vulnerabilities found in previous versions. The update ensures a more secure and reliable e-commerce platform for businesses of all sizes.

A list of all updates and fixes for WooCommerce can be found on GitHub. We recommend taking a look at the official WooCommerce developer documentation, simply visit developer.woocommerce.com!

Want to know in-depth information about the latest features of WooCommerce version 7.9? The official release notes for 7.9 can be found here.

Upgrading to WooCommerce 7.9

In order to keep your store up and running, the upkeep requires care and attention when updating WooCommerce. Seravo takes care of updating WooCommerce on behalf of its customers, if the update tests are successful.

If you wish to update your WooCommerce version manually, we recommend making changes always with care and step-by-step. Ensure the functionality of your WooCommerce store by testing the updates first. At Seravo, you can use a separate staging environment intended for site development, also known as a shadow (WP Pro, WP Business, WP Corporate and WP Enterprise plans).

Don’t have access to a shadow environment yet? You can open one by contacting us at help@seravo.com. With the help of Seravo plugin you can see which plan your site is using, and on the plans page you’ll find out how many shadow environments can be activated on your site at a time.

While Seravo backs up your site each day, it is recommended to take a fresh backup before proceeding to upgrade your WooCommerce site. Your site can be restored to its previous state with the aid of a backup, even if an unexpected error occurs during the update. Read more about backups at Seravo in the knowledge bank.

Instructions for Upgrading to WooCommerce 7.9

More detailed instructions and information about updating can be found in the WooCommerce documentation. Need help with upgrading to the new version of WooCommerce? Get in touch with us, and WordPress experts will be there to help you out!