During the COVID-19 outbreak in spring 2020, we cancelled all of our on-site trainings and replaced them with free webinars that proved to be very popular, so we decided to continue with them in fall 2020 as well.

Next up is a joint webinar with Xdebug developer Derick Rethans on Wednesday August 19th at 12:00 UTC (14:00 CEST/15:00 EEST). We will show you how to use Xdebug (which is very easy with the Seravo WordPress development environment!) to make a record of what the WordPress PHP code does during a website page load, and how to use that information to optimize the performance of your WordPress site.

The webinar duration is one hour, including the presentation and a questions and answers session. Anybody is free to attend, and Xdebug can be very useful for any WordPress developer whether you are a Seravo customer or not.

Xdebug Gives Insight into What PHP Does

Xdebug is an open-source tool for code profiling and debugging. We mention it in almost every presentation we give on WordPress performance. Knowing at least the basics of code profiling should be in the toolbox of every web programmer.

It is extremely valuable, as it can otherwise be impossible to grasp what the mesh of hooks and actions in the WordPress codebase runs on each page load. With Xdebug and related tools such as Webgrind and Graphviz, it is easy to get an insight.

By attending this webinar you will learn:

  • Main features of Xdebug that help developers get insight into their PHP core
  • Basics of debugging PHP code
  • What code profiling is and how Xdebug does it for PHP
  • How Webgrind and Graphviz help visualize the results
  • How you can do this very easily on the Seravo WordPress development environment or any generic Linux environment by installing a couple of open-source tools
  • What are the typical findings when running Xdebug on WordPress and how to fix them to make your website faster

Last, but not least, attendees will also have a chance to ask questions from Xdebug developer Derick Rethans and WordPress performance expert Otto Kekäläinen.


The webinar recording and presentations are now available:

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