Official WordPress Learning Resources Updated

Updated and official tutorial can be found at The site offers tutorials aimed at beginners especially to WordPress, as well as for more experienced developers.

The site is divided into two sections, with workshop-style videos and text-based instructions written to be used as a framework for teaching materials.

The site looks promising, but there is still quite a lack of material and it is still focused more on beginner WordPress users. However, you can find useful information even at the moment about basic things that Seravo does not have its own documentation for, so I do recommend exploring the site in depth.


In the workshop section of the WordPress learning material you will find not only educational videos, but also other presentations on various topics related to WordPress. There are not many videos yet, but more are being added all the time. It’s worth keeping an eye on this site and checking back from time to time, to see if any interesting new material has been added.

For example, a beginning WordPress user might find the following videos especially useful:

You can also suggest your own workshop video!

Learning WordPress With Lesson Plans

This section is much more comprehensive. The tutorials are intended to be used as a framework for WordPress training, but you can also learn about WordPress at a basic level by reading them. There is also material for readers with more advanced knowledge.

Content ranges from installing WordPress to developing a theme.

Examples of useful lessons:

Other Useful Resources

Fortunately, there are many other resources good for getting to know WordPress. Content and documentation can be found – if you know where to look! Longer-term WordPress users will already be familiar with these, but beginners may not yet know the following resources.


The WordPress documentation, including the Theme and Plugin manuals, can still be found at Links to these resources can be found in the list of links below, but there are also many other useful sections on this site. It’s worth a closer look!

Videos of all the WordCamp conferences around the world focusing on WordPress can be found at There are plenty of videos and topics to choose from, and plenty to keep you busy for a long time. The videos can be used for self-study or even as support for training materials.

For example, a presentation on technical SEO (search engine optimisation) by Otto Kekäläinen from Seravo could be suitable for beginners:

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Also see other presentations by Otto Kekäläinen on


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