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FitWood is a Finnish start-up selling fitness equipment inspired by Scandinavian design and natural materials. The company chose to do something else than common competitors, who ship their products from Far East and resell them over here. Fitwood turned the idea upside down: the products are produced either in Finland or Europe and the company is heading to the international market from the start. This could not have been done without a functional online store.

– We want to offer international consumers ecological and usable fitness equipment that fit into their interior design. Finnish wood is a very durable and beautiful material which is used a lot in furniture and buildings around the world. Our mission is to make it visible even in exercise equipment used at home, says the CEO for Fitwood, Matias Kokkonen.

Go online with your store with WooCommerce

WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin that has become the most popular e-commerce platform in the world. It powers as many as 39% of all online stores. WooCommerce was an easy choice for the founders of Fitwood.

– We wanted a platform that is easily modified for different market areas. Content is a big part of our business, so we wished for a system that would support different types of editable content. We also wanted to use an open source platform in our online store, so that it can be freely developed in the future as well.

Matias Kukkonen, CEO, FitWood

One of the reasons for the success of WooCommerce is indeed its integration into WordPress, which is the base for the company’s own website. By using WooCommerce both the actual site, blog and the online store are tied together and are visible to the user as a cohesive and polished whole.

What does it take to upkeep an online store?

We at Seravo have made it easy for our customers to set up an online store that has three key qualities in order right from the start: reliability, security, and speed.

As well as a regular shop, an online store requires active maintenance and upkeep in order to be up and running. Whereas a store owner can close a physical door and set up a “Closed” sign to the window at the end of the day, an online store has to be functioning all day and all night. To be able to focus on the business itself, the upkeep process, including constant updates should be left to a reliable service provider.

Security is a major issue for online stores. The store handles product catalogs and personal customer information, so online security must be a top priority. Security leaks can be fatal for the whole business. Such things as HTTPS connection, strong passwords, and regular security updates are a must.

Nothing is more irritating than an online store where it takes minutes to get to the shopping basket or the connection breaks right when you are choosing your must-have item. The site has to load fast enough even during traffic peaks and the connection has to be smooth all the way from the first click to the cash register.

Besides providing high-class technical features, our hosting and upkeep service can make the life of an online store owner easier by offering personal help and customer care whenever that is needed. Matias from FitWood gives credit to the personal service they have received from Seravo.

– It has been easy to get things done with our contact person. There has also been enough flexibility in the service, which is pretty much mandatory when you are starting a new business.

Matias Kukkonen, CEO, FitWood

A ready-made Seravo plan for online stores

Seravo knows what it takes to run a good online store on WordPress. Our WP Business plan includes readily installed WooCommerce-platform for e-commerce as well as payment and shipping methods.

Read more about WP Business or contact us – we are happy to help your online store become a success!