Webinar: Dismantle WordPress Performance Bottlenecks

Photo by Bundo Kim on Unsplash

We recently hosted a webinar focusing on cache, more specifically what a WordPress developer should know about caching. One of the things in that webinar that people responded to was a PHP performance profiling tool called Tideways, which makes it easy to spot performance bottlenecks in WordPress theme and plugin code. That’s why we decided to reach out to the people behind Tideways and ask them to join us for a session.

Below you will find a presentation of the tool and a demo on how you can use it on our platform. The host of the webinar was Otto Kekäläinen, the code-loving CEO of Seravo.  He was joined by Benjamin Eberlei, the founder of Tideways.

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Tideways is an excellent tool for anyone developing WordPress sites. It allows you to profile the PHP execution on your site and pinpoint the code that causes performance bottlenecks on your site. What makes Tideways extra useful is the fact that unlike most other profiling tools, it is light enough to use for profiling sites that are in production.

We have been singing the praises of Tideways for years and our service comes with a built-in Tideways integration. We have configured the tool to sample 1% of the traffic on a site, which has only a minor impact on the site performance. To be able to utilize that integration, we are also proud to be able to offer our customers with a specially priced Flex plan.


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