It’s easy for us inside the WordPress bubble to consider it self-explanatory. Sometimes, however, it’s wise to go back to basics and go over why we (and many, many others) are so excited about WordPress. 

WordPress is a publishing platform for making websites. But why is it an exceptionally good publishing platform?

Five reasons to choose WordPress

1) WordPress is free. Anyone can build a website with WordPress. There are no license fees involved. However, some of the better WordPress themes and plugins do come with a price tag. Also, for a presentable company website you should consider hiring a skilled digital agency and as leave hosting and maintenance to professionals.

2) WordPress is flexible. It can be used for almost every need: company pages, clothes stores, blog portals, online magazines, booking systems, and official municipality websites, to name a few. The system can be stretched from small needs to bigger ones, from personal blogs to global sites and online stores.

3) WordPress is easy to use. We often hear how you can create a functional website with WordPress without any programming skills. While that is true, building more extensive sites should be left to professionals. Even then you will save time and money because your site is easy to update. You can edit details like contact information and create new blog content without a ten-page manual or substantial consulting fees.

4) WordPress is popular. Following the crowd is not always wise but the popularity of WordPress has many advantages. WordPress is the most popular and best-supported content management system in the world: about a third of all websites in the world are built on WordPress. 

There is a massive community around WordPress developing new features and keeping it up-to-date with ever-changing technical requirements. Thanks to the WordPress community it is also easy to find guidance, training and skilled people to update websites.

5) WordPress is open-source. When your website is built on WordPress, you don’t have to worry about vendor lock-ins or be dependent on one developer. Anyone can pick up and continue developing an existing site. This openness also offers numerous possibilities to customize the layout and functionality of your site with a plethora of themes and plugins.

If you are not convinced yet, we can also get enthusiastic about the effectiveness, speed, and security of WordPress. Naturally, you can use these features to the max when you choose Seravo.

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