The Seravo Difference

Web hosting is an industry so popular that it sometimes seems like everybody owns a web hosting business these days. From small hosts, reselling resources from larger hosts, to global giants, providing web hosting and domains to thousands upon thousands of customers. Competition is great, it keeps the prices from skyrocketing and gives the customers the possibility of finding a better solution in the event of unsatisfactory experience from their current provider for example.

But the sheer scale of the market does bring some negative side-effects with it. Overselling shared hosting servers is not unheard of in an effort to minimize costs and sell hosting so cheap it seems impossible, which it sort of is, hence the overselling of server resources. Customer support is sometimes outsourced to call centers and outsourcing agencies so that a promise of 24/7 customer support can be given and an image of a larger company behind the services is created, while the truth may be closer to a one man side business. One that hits closer to home for us here at Seravo is the rise of hosting providers selling WordPress hosting. Some shared hosting companies have now started selling “specialised” WordPress hosting, which in fact might not be no different from their generic cPanel hosting, except that it has WordPress pre-installed.

The difference between professional managed WordPress hosting and shared hosting, whether it comes with WordPress pre-installed or not, is usually seen both in the server specifications and the customer support teams. Companies specializing in WordPress hosting, such as Seravo and WP Engine, generally have servers and software specifically designed for WordPress, and the support team often consists of WordPress professionals. For shared hosting companies that provide a variety of different hosting services, a support team made of WordPress experts would make no sense.

How are we different from others?

We put together a small table comparing some of the important aspects of shared hosting, managed WordPress hosting and Seravo.

Compared to all other types of hosting, the Seravo way of doing things is easy. Sign up, receive all the needed login information and a fresh WordPress installation, ready and waiting. We’ll install an SSL certificate on your site automatically when delivering your site, so you don’t have to worry about anything. No separate dashboards, no additional hassle.

The Seravo WordPress installation is a customized and performance optimized one, but it still behaves exactly like a normal WordPress installation would. You can migrate your site normally, install plugins and themes, upload media files and so forth. We don’t place restrictions on what you can do with your site.

What you won’t be needing, however, are separate caching and security plugins. We handle security and caching for you with our customized WordPress environment and installs, meaning that you don’t need to have any additional plugins slowing down your site. Backups are also done automatically and stored offsite for 30 days. If you’re not sure how to restore a backup, don’t worry. Just send us a message and we’ll help you out.

Managing databases can be done by using Adminer, which is in many ways a better and faster alternative to phpMyAdmin. You can read more about Adminer in our knowledge base.

You can also check out the rest of our security features, and take a look at all of the features included in our plans by visiting our plans page.

When it comes to hosting designed specifically for WordPress, the difference between Seravo and other managed WordPress hosting companies is that we offer more than hosting. We monitor our customers’ sites 24/7, and if we detect an error, we let the customer know that their site might not be functioning as well as it could. In these types of situations, the errors might be undetectable from the front-end or the admin section, making them nearly impossible to spot yet hindering performance and security. We care about the sites we host, and we prove that by taking care of them. We also provide WordPress expert services, which means that you can have us fix your site for you, or we’ll recommend a trusted WordPress expert to you.

The way we update our customers’ sites is also unique to us. We use our proprietary WordPress update system that runs in three phases, making it the most secure way of updating WordPress core, themes and plugins. Below you can see the flowchart of our update system.

Seravo updates overview

We also provide SMTP out of the box for our customers, meaning that your WordPress site won’t be sending emails from a shared IP, waiting to get caught by a spam filter, but you don’t have to pay us any extra for that either. What that also means is that you don’t have to install an SMTP plugin an sign up for an email delivery service yourself. We’ve done it for you.

Our pricing starts at just 18€ excl. VAT, and all of our plans include developer tools and access, such as SFTP, SSH, WP-CLI and Git. Managed WordPress hosting companies do offer SSH access to their clients as well, but even the most popular managed WordPress hosting companies offer SSH only for clients on plans costing up to six times as much. Sure, we don’t offer free migrations, but that means we won’t charge you monthly for that free migration.