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Prices VAT 0%. Tax will be added when applicable. The service is for business and professional use, not for consumers. Seravo Ltd terms of service apply.

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Seravo has multiple datacenter locations across the globe. If you select a specific country below Seravo will deploy your site in that country. The jurisdiction where the customers's data is located will not be changed unless the customer specifically requests it.


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Please enter all domains you wish to point to your site. Additional normal domains (eu/com/net/org) 20 EUR / year / domain, including domains with third party registrars. Ask us about the availability and pricing of special domain names.

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G Suite

For a new deployment of G Suite we recommend that you find a local partner to help set the system up. You can also contact Google directly.


Use Gmail to send and receive mail with a custom domain email address

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Enter the dedicated e-mail accounts to be created.The price is 20 EUR / IMAP mailbox / year.

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