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We’ve built our service from the ground up with the sole purpose of being able to provide the ultimate WordPress hosting experience.

Built for WordPress

We don’t host anything other than WordPress and our whole infrastructure is built from the ground up with only WordPress in mind, which means you get the full benefit of our scalable hosting platform and expert support.

Speed-obsessed infrastructure

Our infrastructure is based on containers and clusters that allow for near-perfect scalability, performance, and availability.

A blog article went viral. On Reddit alone there was 155 000 shares. Seravo’s server didn’t seem to slow down at all despite the huge traffic spike.

Pasi Kovanen, Vincit

And the best part? You don’t have to worry about maintaining any of this, just use the WordPress site as you normally would. We’ll take care of the rest.

MariaDB Makes Your Database Fly

Our staff has people who are directly involved in MariaDB development, and they know a thing or two about optimizing databases for those fast load times.

HTTP/2 and HTTP/3

When HTTP/2 was introduced, it revolutionized the way data is transferred over the internet when a visitor is browsing a website. We were early adopters of HTTP/2 and free SSL certificates to allow for HTTPS on all sites back in 2016, and now that HTTP/3 is starting to come to life, we’ve got our sights firmly aimed at making it a reality to our customers.

Stay tuned for news about the new HTTP/3 standard, because we will be introducing it to all our customers as soon as it matures enough for general production use.

Global availability

Doing business in Asia or the United States? We’ve got your back. We’ve deployed our high-speed WordPress infrastructure around the world in top-tier data centers to provide you with a competitive advantage over others. Experience the lowest latencies and fastest speeds with the help of our globally available hosting.

Built-in Image Optimization

Making your visitors go ‘wow!‘ with great images often comes with a high price tag, a slow loading website. But it doesn’t have to.

We’ve deployed a built-in, automatic image optimizer to our servers for all our customers to enjoy. It makes all sites run faster by scaling down the size, which is especially useful for those unnecessarily huge full-frame DSLR pictures and compresses all images to minimize the file size.

And presto! – a fast loading WordPress site with fantastic imagery, at your service.

Latest software

We love new and updated software (yeah we’re weird that way), and that’s why we’re always on the lookout for the latest and greatest when it comes to speed and stability-enhancing software for our servers and WordPress.

PHP 7.3 and 7.4

When PHP 7.3 launched in December 2018 it was available to all of our customers straight away. Using the latest PHP versions can make a WordPress site run multiple times faster than with an older version, which makes it crucial to choose a host that supports the latest software versions as they become available.

PHP 7.4 is also now available to our customers.

Tools for Developers

Okay okay, we know, WordPress development tools aren’t exactly a factor for the speed of the site after it’s published, but proper tools support faster, more efficient workflows and better coding standards, so we think it’s important to offer a wide range of tools for all you developers out there.

No Unnecessary Software

Having the latest and greatest software isn’t always the solution though, which is why we’re very selective of the software we install on our servers and WordPress sites.

By the way, we’ve also built WordPress management tools right into our own open-source WordPress plugin, so you won’t need any additional server management software, such as cPanel, slowing you down when hosting with us. Our Seravo Plugin is automatically installed, making its use as effortless as possible.

Experts at Hand

The beauty of hosting only WordPress sites is that it allows us to hire and train our staff accordingly. We might not be the best when it comes to the generic server management software like cPanel, but we definitely know our way around WordPress – and are very active in the community.

We attend and organize WordCamps and Meetups regularly, occasionally delivering presentations on some of our favorite topics such as WordPress speed and security. Here’s the result of one of our more recent outings to Berlin:

We’re always more than happy to help with speed optimizing WordPress sites, contact our customer support for more information about our expert services!


We handle all the necessary caching for your site directly on the server-level. That’s right, no need for any caching plugins here.

You can also leave out any expensive and performance hindering security plugins due to our built-in security features and hack-free guarantee!

Multi-level Caching

We truly mean it when we say we’ve got you covered as far as caching goes. Redis in-memory storage service is available by default to all customers, not just for enterprise customers willing to fork out hundreds of extra dollars each month to pay for it.

Don’t have time for a slow website anymore? Make sure that your site works as fast as it should by choosing Seravo’s premium hosting and upkeep.

Psst! Not ready to buy without testing us out first? Smart move! Send us an email to help@seravo.com and we’ll set you up with a demo of your site’s performance on our servers!

Premium Hosting and Upkeep for WordPress

We take care of speed, security and updates. You can focus on building your business flexibly and safely.


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