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Expert WordPress Support

We are a bunch of Nordic WordPress experts and enthusiasts with a strong background in open source development. In monitoring, we rely on robots, but our customer service consists of real people. We may be nerds, but we speak human too.

Expertise and Enthusiasm

Those are the values that our support team is built upon. Some hosting companies operate a tiered customer support technician system, with some support people only handling very basic requests and escalating all others, but we took a different approach. Everyone on our team is a WordPress expert, or soon to be expert under the care of our more experienced techs!

Passionate About WordPress

We’re enthusiastic about WordPress, customer success, and open-source software. From maintaining thousands of sites on a daily basis to developing faster WordPress hosting infrastructure, we truly love what we do. Send us a message at help@seravo.com and let’s talk about how we can help with your WordPress site!

Part of the Open-Source Community

We actively participate in open-source events and communities, and we encourage our employees to participate as well. Take a look at all the different open-source contributions and events we’ve done or been part of!

We Offer Phone Support

We don’t hide behind our website and email, and we will pick up the phone if you call us. Our phone support is open during European business hours.

Although, we do have to admit, using a help desk to handle support cases is much simpler and we can resolve issues faster, so we do recommend sending us an email first! Especially with more complex issues the ability to send over screenshots and take a moment to properly investigate the matter often results in better customer experience. Nevertheless, if you feel like you want to talk to an actual human being, call us, we’re happy to help!

Premium Hosting and Upkeep for WordPress

We take care of speed, security and updates. You can focus on building your business flexibly and safely.


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