24/7 Monitoring


Thanks to around the clock monitoring, Seravo is able to respond to issues fast and restore websites quickly. If any problems should occur, Seravo will know about it immediately. Our on-call systems operators will check the situation and if possible, also fix the issue. If any action is required from the customer, they will be notified.

Monitoring both functionality and security

Our monitoring system checks the websites at least every 5 minutes. More frequent monitoring is also possible in for example WP Enterprise plans.

Our monitoring keeps track of the following details:

  • That the domain in use is valid, that it’s routed correctly and its HTTPS protection works correctly.
  • That the website version visible to the public works correctly based on both HTTP headings and the site content.
  • That the admin side of the website works correctly.

Our monitoring also tracks site speed and will notify our system operators if an otherwise functional website is experiencing slow loading times.

We also regularly scan the websites on a deeper level to detect possible issues with site functionality or security. If there is something that requires attention, the information will be shared with the website owner through the WordPress admin panel. In urgent cases the customer contact person will be notified by email. We take great pride in offering excellent security services to our customers, something that is essential when working with WordPress.

Upkeep Experts

Our team has deep knowledge of both WordPress and Linux servers. We have contributed to the development of Linux and WordPress and have intimate knowledge of these technologies. We’re not only able to fix acute problems but can also craft more fundamental solutions by contributing improvements to the underlying open source software. Several of our contributions have been officially approved to the upstream.

Keeping tabs on the WordPress ecosystem

While we keep ourselves busy with the continuous monitoring of customer sites, we also keep a close eye on the WordPress ecosystem, as well as the development of Linux and other Internet technologies. We are also a part of the WordPress hosting group and actively follow numerous sources on software security.

Thanks to all this involvement we have tremendous insight over upcoming changes and new features and can proactively prepare our service to accommodate them.

Tired of seeing your site gone down again? If you want your website monitored 24/7, choose premium hosting and upkeep from Seravo.

Premium Hosting and Upkeep for WordPress

We take care of speed, security and updates. You can focus on building your business flexibly and safely.


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