The most expected WordPress event of the year, WordCamp Europe 2017, is held in Paris this weekend. The conference will gather together over three thousand WordPressers from all over Europe and the world. Seravo is sponsoring WordCamp Europe for the first time and our team is looking forward to the event!

Thousands of attendees, dozens of speakers, two tracks, hundreds of restaurants and plenty of sights to visit – what should one really focus on when travelling to WCEU this year? Our team took a moment to go through the conference program and chose the talks that should not be missed. Which one is your own favourite?

Hallway Track and XDebug

“I’m especially looking forward to the Contributor Day. There are many WordPress core developers attending the event and thus you can discuss and plan the future of WP infrastucture. More than the actual talks I am interested in the so-called “Hallway Track – meeting old and new acquaintances meand hearing the latest news and best tips. In the actual programme I plan to attend at least the presentation on XDebug and improving WordPress performance.”

– Otto Kekäläinen, CEO 

Otto’s choice:
Improving WordPress Performance with XDebug and PHP Profiling

– Otto Kekäläinen (Friday 10.00 am)

Leading a company and yourself

“I think you learn most from your own experiences, but hearing others’ stories helps along the way. Listening to personal growth stories is really interesting, and you can always find something to relate to in them. This talk by Joshua seems to be a good mix of leading a company and leading yourself, which both appeal to an economist such as me.”

– Anni Pesonen, Account Manager

Anni’s choice:
5 Ways you may be sabotaging your business + 2 proven ways to succeed

– Joshua Strebel (Friday, 3.00 pm)

Security, security, security

“Taking care of information security becomes more and more important as the world is thoroughly digitalised. It is utterly important that only those that have the right to access certain information, can do so.”

– Leo Toikka, Trainee

“Security is one of the top priorities in a service where customer data is stored – such as our hosting service. That is why I chose this important talk on WordPress security.”

– Antti Kymén, WordPress Service Specialist

Antti and Leo’s choice:
WordPress Security for All: You Won’t Believe How Simple It Can Be
– Miriam Schwab (Friday 3.00 pm)

WordPress, deeper than the surface

“This talk will hopefully unfold the basic idea and structure of WordPress and help the audience to understand what lies beneath the surface and how the system in the background really works. Often some plugins or self-made solutions, not to mention differences in the server structures, result in odd errors. From the point of view of installations and problem solving, it is always beneficial to know the system deep down. For instance, if a cache error occurs, it helps if you know how the caching actually works so you can choose the right method to fix the issue.”

– Simo Kemppainen, Network Services Specialist

Simo’s choice:
Demystifying the WordPress Bootstrap Process
– Alain Schlesser (Friday 9 am)

WordPress REST API and mobile apps

“This talk combines many interesting topics: interfaces, mobile development, using technology in collecting feedback… I could go on with the list. Besides, I am fully convinced that if a guy has the nickname “Pirate” he must be an interesting speaker!”

– Petri Salminen, Trainee

Pete’s choice:
Reacting Natively with WordPress
– Pirate Dunbar (Saturday 4.00 pm)

Security is not a magic word

“I too think that information security should be seen as a mindset, not as something that some coders do sometimes somewhere. Therefore I chose this talk, which handles the topic on a wider spectrum.”
– Nuutti Toivola, Trainee

Nuutti’s choice:
Security is a Process
– Mark Jaquith (Friday 12:00 pm)

Make your content shine

“As a communicator and marketer, I appreciate that the WordCamp Europe program also takes other attendees than hardcore developers into consideration. I will most likely spend a lot of time by our sponsor booth, but hopefully I get to see some talks too. This presentation I will enjoy as a dessert right after lunch: the cliché is true and the content really is the king – especially online. In addition, these short lightning talks are short enough for a conference guest who is as impatient and addicted to social media as me!”

– Sanna Saarikangas, Head of Communications and Marketing

Sanna’s choice:
Lightning talks, Content
– Dario Jazbec Hrvatin, Jen Miller, Monique Dubbelman, Syed Balkhi (Friday 2.00 pm)

Not just about the talks

Besides the WordCamp itself, we are of course looking forward to the sunny streets of Paris, the famous afterparty and meeting new international partners. And those croissants.

Will you be attending WordCamp Europe 2017? Make sure to visit our stand in the sponsor area: we might even have some exotic delights from Finland for you to taste!

If you cannot make it to Paris, you can always follow the event online. The #WCEU hashtag will surely be trending on Twitter and all the talks can be watched online after the event.

La prochaine fois à Paris!

WordCamp Europe 2017

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