This spring has changed the world in many ways. One small change of plans is that we have had to put the WordPress training that we do in Finland on hold. Instead, we have decided to do a series of free webinars where we go through similar topics that we cover in our developer training.

Each webinar will be one hour long and cover one specific area in WordPress development to make them as easy to digest as possible. You will also have the chance to ask questions and discuss the topic with the host.

The host of our webinars will be Otto Kekäläinen, our CEO that codes. He has over twenty years of experience in software development, with more than a decade of that in WordPress development, including contributions to the WordPress core. 

First up: Webinar about Cache 

The first webinar in the series focused on the cache: what should a WordPress developer know and which are the best practices to follow?

If you’d like to see what was discussed, we’ve posted a recording of the session to YouTube and the slides on SlideShare.

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More Webinars to Follow

Some of the topics that we will cover in future webinars include speed optimization and security. We will also be talking about developer tools such as WP-CLI, Git, Composer, and Vagrant, as well as best practices in the development workflow, copyrights, and licensing.

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