Would you like to be sure that your website is secure against web traffic spikes and security threats? In addition to premium hosting and upkeep, Seravo offers expert services for your WordPress site, including speed optimization, security hardening and standby support.

Seravo currently has more than 4,000 WordPress sites in premium hosting and upkeep for WordPress websites. This number already includes many website implementations at different stages of their life cycle, each requiring website-specific attention.

Do you think an annual check should be carried out on your site?

Is an upcoming event and its huge traffic spike causing stress?

Do you suspect that your site is not in compliance with the best security practices?

Once your site is maintained by Seravo, we will take care of these things automatically as far as possible as part of our service. However, a website is always a living entity, and WordPress is easily customizable with various plugins. These changes will also affect the structure of the site over time. Unfortunately, sometimes a new plugin can bring with it some element that slows down your site, or possibly even a security vulnerability. However, WordPress itself is a very good foundation for building a website. To ensure the best results, we recommend getting a knowledgeable developer partner when you start building a new WordPress site.

Want to improve the reliability of your website? Read below about any additional measures you can order from Seravo as expert work. Additional services are designed to improve an already well-maintained site so that the benefits of the services always generate new benefits – instead of replacing something that should already be part of normal good maintenance.

Stand-By Support

Is an important event coming up, such as an election, a big marketing campaign, or perhaps a conference? If in addition to our normal monitoring and upkeep you want a Seravo expert to be ready to react to problems immediately during the event, we recommend that you order our Standby Support expert service. In Standby Support, a Seravo expert will familiarize themself in advance with the site, its contents as well as any possible bottlenecks, and will be on call during the event as agreed.

It is a good idea to order the service well in advance, preferably 1 to 2 weeks, but at least two business days prior to the event. This gives the expert time to prepare, run tests and make changes to the site for the event. When contacting us about the standby support early on, the site’s developer will also have a better chance of responding to any changes proposed by Seravo.

Speed Optimization

Do you ever feel like your WordPress site is running slowly? In Seravo’s WP service, websites are usually running fast thanks to server-level optimization, so slowness is probably a site-specific problem. This means that slowness is an exception to the normal situation and thus can be fixed.

In speed optimization, Seravo’s experts measure the speed of your site with internal and external tools. Whenever possible, small changes will be made to the site immediately. Alternatively, we’ll guide the site developer through steps to improve your site’s speed. A report of the findings of the testing is always delivered to the customer. The combination of quality maintenance and a good developer partner produces websites that can withstand even large traffic spikes.

Upgrade Your Plan

In an ideal situation the speed of your WordPress site is good, and you’ve taken into account the latest security practices with the help of a website developer. Still wondering if the site’s resources are sufficient for a future event? If in doubt about the adequacy of the your plan, please contact our customer service at help@seravo.com and we will have a look into it.

At Seravo, spiking visitor amounts that result in the plan being exceeded does not cause a disruption on your site. We will never shut down your website due to increased traffic. You don’t have to worry about sudden increases in website traffic, you can focus on celebrating your website’s success!

When comparing different plans available at Seravo’s premium hosting and upkeep, the most premium plan is WP Corporate. On sites with Corporate plan, the SLA (service-level agreement) of a potential security investigation will be reduced from the next business day into four hours. In addition, the frequency of our 24/7 monitoring changes from five to two minutes. If these things are vital to your site, we recommend that you update your website’s plan.

Enhance WordPress Security

Your WordPress website may have been built years ago, and the quality of the site may not have been reviewed with security in mind for a long time. However, Seravo has the expertise to review your website and report on any security-related findings and to correct or otherwise protect any detected security risks.

Seravo’s Security Hardening is always a website-specific review that complements Seravo’s premium hosting and upkeep’s common security policies, which are automatically applied to all sites in our hosting.

If you’re interested in any of these additional expert services, please contact us at help@seravo.com!

Did you know that Seravo also offers a service for publishing your website if you are migrating your website to Seravo’s premium hosting and upkeep, and want to make sure that the release of your new website goes smoothly and without interruption?