Price Updates and Better Discounts for Resellers

The new price list will come into force immediately for new subscriptions, and prices for existing sites will be increased from the end of the year (1.1.2023). The price change will also apply to WP Mini sites that have already been removed from our price list. UPDATE Oct 4th, 2022: The prices won’t be updated for those of our customers that have selected annual billing, until the billing term has renewed.

Updated Plans

  • WP Pro 40e / month
  • WP Business 60e / month
  • WP Corporate 110e / month

All prices shown are subject to VAT, where applicable.

No Changes for WordPress Consulting and Additional Services

Seravo aims to be carbon negative. We have been closely following the latest developments of the energy market, which are behind this price update. Previously, the prices of the websites in Seravo’s premium hosting and upkeep have been increased only once, back in 2021. At that time the increase applied to the prices for consulting services, along with the prices of new Pro and Business plans only.

The price changes we are now seeing do not apply to additional services, such as additional domains or email services purchased from Seravo. The hourly rates for expert services will also remain unchanged for the time being (WordPress consulting, 95e/h + VAT and Special WordPress Consulting, 150e/h + VAT).

The content of the plans will remain the same: Seravo continues to provide 24/7 monitoring of websites, offer tested updates to WordPress and its add-ons, make your site secure, fast server environment especially optimized for WordPress, and of course customer service from morning until late in the evening. Want to read more about Seravo’s features? Click here!

More Reselling, More Rewards

In addition, Seravo will also be improving the reseller benefits: the discount will be calculated based on the number of sites in Seravo’s premium hosting and upkeep. The more sites in our hosting, the higher the reseller’s discount!

Does your company not have a reseller code yet? Contact us to join and become a reseller! You will also receive more information about the affiliate program and tips for reselling. As part of the partnership, we will also recommend your services for our customers in need of a website developer.