PHP 8.3 is now available on WordPress sites hosted at Seravo.

PHP 8.3

PHP 8.3 was released in November 2023. To find out what’s new in PHP 8.3, see our previous blog post on the topic. We’re happy to announce that PHP 8.3 is now available on WordPress sites hosted at Seravo!

PHP Versions at Seravo

Since upgrading your site’s PHP can critically affect its functionality, Seravo’s hosting does not force PHP updates. The latest PHP version is always available on our service so that a new version can tested by developers as soon as possible after its release.

Default PHP Version

New WordPress sites at Seravo use PHP version 8.1 by default. You can change the PHP version of your site in the Seravo Plugin settings (Tools > Upkeep).

All Available PHP Versions

For a list of all PHP versions available at Seravo, please visit the Seravo Knowledge Base. There you will also find information about the deprecation dates of the PHP versions, i.e. versions that will be removed from our hosting service.

Upgrading PHP at Seravo

How to Update PHP in WordPress? Upgrading PHP version is fairly straightforward, but there are a few things to keep in mind. At Seravo, the PHP version can be updated directly in wp-admin by logging in to your WordPress (Tools > Upkeep), or by using the command line over SSH connection. For more detailed update instructions, see Seravo’s Knowledge Base.

Prior to making any changes to your live site, make sure to test the compatibility with your site with the newer PHP version! For this purpose, Seravo offers the $ wp-check-php-compatibility command. Read more about the command in Seravo Developer Docs, or access the feature by using Seravo Plugin.

You can test the changes in a separate development environment (shadow). Since the shadow is a completely separate environment with its own database, you can change the PHP version in the shadow without worrying about affecting your live site. Read more about using shadows at Seravo.

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