Seravo's first webinar of 2021 on January 14th. How to use and customize WordPress search function.

Seravo will be organizing the next webinar together with Relevanssi plugin developer Mikko Saari on Thursday January 14th 15:00 EEST (14:00 CEST). Topic for the webinar will be the WordPress search function, how it operates as a standard feature, and how to customize the search on bigger sites when the standard features are not enough.

WordPress search customization is a topic we at Seravo get asked about on a frequent basis. There are many different ways to customize the search, and customers understandably want to learn the best practices. The search can be customized quite easily with small changes on PHP code level, and by utilizing MariaDB database’s built-in search functionality. You can also choose a more robust way to do this, and build a new ElasticSearch server just for your case. All of the options have their pros and cons – which makes this a very interesting topic for a developer webinar.

Otto Kekäläinen from Seravo presents how the WordPress built-in search operates as a standard, how to do easy customizations and why the standard search doesn’t cover all of the content. As an example of easy customizations Otto shows you how to use the database features that are readily available in Seravo’s service.

Star guest Mikko Saari introduces the Relevanssi plugin, which is actively used on over 100 000 websites. With Relevanssi, you can customize the search function any way you want. With the plugin you can define which content is indexed, change how to order the results and optimize other settings to create the best possible user experience for the search. In addition Mikko will be speaking about the Relevanssi Light plugin that’s developed together with Seravo.

Seravo highly recommends using the Relevanssi plugin. We believe it is the best solution available for anyone who wants to customize their search function!

Scheduled program 14.1.2021

  • 15:00 Welcome!
  • 15:05 Otto Kekäläinen: WordPress standard search and why it isn’t always sufficient. Different options to customize the search (Jetpack, ElasticSearch, AddSearch and others) and how you should optimize the search especially from a speed point of view.
  • 15:25 Mikko Saari: Relevanssi and Relevanssi Light plugins and how to use them in optimizing your search function.
  • 15:45 Q&A with the two experts
  • 16:00 End of the webinar

The times above apply for Finland (time zone EEST, UTC+2).


The webinar recording and presentations are now available:


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