Professional WooCommerce hosting for your peace of mind

You focus on building your business, we take care of hosting and upkeep. We Boost Woo, You Boost Sales. 100% Security Guarantee!

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Ready to boost up your WooCommerce?

Running an e-commerce store places higher demands on management, operation and support. Problems often have major, tangible and measurable consequences.

Downtime costs

How much sales is lost if an e-commerce store goes down, who monitors and acts if that should happen? Unlike classic websites, this is often relatively easy to measure in money for an e-commerce site.

Performance matters

A slow experience makes the visitor look elsewhere, and how does an e-commerce store scale as the number of visitors grows rapidly? Performance and scalability are key concepts for an e-commerce business.

Stay close

Why sending visitors and their data further away than needed? We have data centers all over the world, in Finland, Sweden, Germany, USA and Singapore, so you can choose which fits your situation best.

Peace of mind for everyone

Our service is designed both for you who owns an e-commerce store as much as for the agency or freelancer who is responsible for developing it.

E-Commerce owner

Let us handle the management, operation and monitoring of your e-commerce store so you can sleep well at night and focus on your customers during the days.

  • 24/7 advanced monitoring and security
  • Servers optimized for speed and scalability
  • Verified updates
  • WordPress support and expertise
  • HTTPS by default
  • Data centers all over the world

Agencies & freelancers

A platform and tools so you can deliver effective projects while you can hand over management, operations and support so you can focus on the next project.

  • Composer, Git, NPM, WP-CLI and more
  • Access to local development Vagrant environment
  • Staging environment(s) for development and testing
  • Write specific acceptance tests for individual projects
  • Active in WordPress and the open source community
  • Partner opportunities both as referrer and reseller

Plans for everyone

We have plans for all types and sizes of WooCommerce sites, and they include everything you need for you to feel peace of mind about your e-commerce.


Secure and modern solution for simpler WooCommerce websites

45 €


30,000 visitors

30 GB storage

24/7 monitoring interval 5 min

Security response SLA 8 working hours


For larger and more complex WooCommerce websites

100 €


60,000 visitors

60 GB storage

24/7 monitoring interval 2 min

Security response SLA 4 working hours


A complete solution for comprehensive WooCommerce sites

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60,000+ visitors

60+ GB of storage

24/7 monitoring interval 2 min

Security response SLA 4 working hours

Dedicated customer manager