Open Source

Seravo has a strong background in Linux and other open source programs. We are an active member in the open source community both in Finland and abroad and have participated in developing various open source projects.

We have been involved in

  • providing support to Linux users
  • contributing to and translating WordPress core
  • publishing WordPress plugins
  • participating in the WordPress community as sponsors, speakers, organisers and participants
  • contributing to the MariaDB development
  • as a member of the Finnish Centre for Open Systems and Solutions (COSS)
  • speaking at and sponsoring Mindtrek, an international conference dedicated to open technologies

By choosing Seravo, our customers will also support the development and success of open source software.


Open Source and WordPress

Since 2014 Seravo has focused on building a premium hosting and upkeep platform for WordPress websites. As the most popular content management system in the world, WordPress is a great example of the evolution, development and business potential of open source software.

We have taken part in the WordPress community by publishing our own WordPress plugins, translating the system and being actively involved in the local meetups and WordCamps. In 2017 we are proudly one of the gold sponsors of WordCamp Helsinki and also sponsoring WordCamp Europe held in Paris.


What is Open Source?

Open source means software that can be used, changed and distributed by anyone and for any purpose. Open source software is often developed in a collaborative manner by communities that consist of professionals.

Using open source is often more cost efficient than closed source alternatives – when choosing the open option one also avoids vendor locks. There are currently more than 200 000 software programs released as Free/Libre Open Source Software (FLOSS), WordPress being one of them. We help our clients utilise this platform.


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