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Unique server architecture

Seravo’s WordPress service has a unique server architecture that is based on server clusters. This way multiple servers are capable of serving our customers’ sites at the same time and possible failure in one of them does not affect site performance.

This is also the reason why Seravo’s customers’ domains have multiple IP addresses. If a single server should break down, others will automatically take over so that the sites keep running smoothly.

Seravo’s technology also makes it possible for sites to get sudden and significant increases in traffic without a bump in the site performance. The traffic spike might consist of even millions of users without the site slowing down.

Our new blog post was an instant hit – only in Reddit there were 155 000 shares. Seravo’s servers didn’t seem to mind the increase in traffic at all.

Pasi Kovanen, Vincit

Traffic limitations for every package are defined in our pricing. We don’t, however, shut sites down or send additional invoices for extra traffic if there happens to be a traffic spike like many generic hosting providers do. Instead, we make sure that the sites continue running smoothly and can keep growing their visitor amounts.

We strive for our customers’ sites to work uninterrupted in every situation.

High-quality data centers

All of Seravo’s data centers pass The Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority’s (FICORA’s) safety regulations.

Data centers have high-performance air conditioning, burglary protection, around the clock access control, automatic fire alarm systems as well as USP-verified power supply which prevents possible interruptions originating from the general power grid. Moreover, there are generators ensuring electricity even in situations of longer power outages. All of the equipment are located behind locks to prevent access without permission.

Seravo also has servers outside of Finland. They are located in reliable data centers owned by trustworthy global operators with equal safety measures as the Finnish data centers.

Internet connections are distributed at least via two different IP-transit services to ensure reliability. Standardized gateway protocol BGP4-routing ensures that a defect in one operator’s connection doesn’t cause interruptions. To make sure that our customers’ services work at all times to the best of their ability we also monitor the load on the internet connection. There is always enough free capacity available to make sure that everything works normally even in unexpected situations.

Also Seravo’s other services, like email and DNS servers, have been multiplied and distributed between various networks, data centers and servers.

Own hardware and cloud-services

We provide our services by using both our own servers and virtual servers from the best cloud service providers in the industry.

The majority of our capacity is based on our own hardware. This is a conscious choice and it gives us the opportunity to do such optimizations in hardware and Linux kernel level that otherwise would not be possible. This is how we can produce one of the fastest WordPress services in the world.

Are you tired of your service provider not being able to scale to your needs? Ensure your website’s functionality even during traffic spikes by choosing Seravo’s premium WordPress hosting and upkeep.

Premium Hosting and Upkeep for WordPress

We take care of speed, security and updates. You can focus on building your business flexibly and safely.


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