April Fools 2020: WordPress Standup as a Service (SaaS)

Written: 1.4.2020 Updated: 5.4.2020

On the 1st of April, we announced that Seravo is Launching WordPress Standup as a Service (SaaS). We added that we take care of jokes and laughs, and instead of focusing on your business, you can focus on funny videos instead.

In our social media channels, we shared a short intro about this new service as you can see from the Twitter clip below.

The main clip will take this a little further. You could get the taste of this “Service” as Johan Falk, our Head of the Swedish Department at Seravo, performs in front of the live audience. In the video, we gave him the April Fools type of title “Product Development”.

Johan has been part of the WordPress community for over a decade and he is well known as he has been hosting WordPress Meetups and WordCamps in the Northern part of the world. But what people do not know that much about him is that he is actually also a standup artist. He usually performs in Sweden in his native language and his main routine is not about WordPress, but more about his personal life.

We also set up an entire page, in case people were going to visit the link given in the video, and offer also the opportunity to sign up for the WordPress StandUp gig.

Of course, because of the COVID19 situation we added the note “Due to the COVID-19 pandemic our possibility for live shows with more than 2 people are a bit difficult, but if that’s the case please leave your e-mail and we’ll get back to you shortly.

In case you are interested what the Stand-Up Service Page looked like ;-)

For everyone who visited this link, we wanted to give some extra material to enjoy, so we published additionally to the main video clip a blooper reel style, behind the scenes type of video, as well. So, if you missed it, here you can watch some more of this geeky humor :-)

Our main goal was to bring some positive vibes and laughs to our friends, partners, and clients all around the world. WordCamp Asia and WordCamp Europe, both got canceled – so instead of just working from our homes, we wanted to bring some laughter into these relatively grim times.

And we are glad to see that we managed to do this, as we received so many positive messages from so many people from all around the world. We are grateful for it. Thank you for being with us. Thank you for laughing along with us. And thank you for keeping up the positive energy!

Looking forward to staying connected with all of you, just as we always have been doing.

And looking forward to the days the WordPress Meetups and WordCamps are happening again!

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