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WordPress development made easy

Seravo’s staff consists of experienced WordPress developers so we have a good idea of what the server environment needs to be like to best serve our customers. Even though we don’t do client projects ourselves we stay up to date by participating in the development of WordPress core and taking care of multiple WordPress plugins. We also develop and improve our own websites continuously.

Seravo’s service is optimized to both make sure that WordPress websites work as well as possible and that their development is efficient and trouble-free.

Many of our customers enjoy our rapid deployment process: it takes less than an hour to get the environment and version control set up so that the actual site development can start. The time saved here is usually more valuable to our customers and developers than the money saved by using our already cost-effective plans.

Same tools in every plan

All the best WordPress tools are included in all of our plans, including the following:

  • SFTP connection for file transfers
  • SSH for command-line access
  • Git for version control
  • PHP Composer for dependency management
  • WP-CLI to manage WordPress from the command-line
  • Ruby and Node.js to run different developer tools such as SASS, Webpack, and Yarn
  • WordPress project template based on Bedrock
  • Vagrant environment developed side by side with Seravo’s production environment for local development

Furthermore, there are dozens of commands starting with WP to make the maintenance and development of the websites easier. These commands are especially designed to fill Seravo’s customers’ development needs. For example, the command wp-load-test, can be used to test site performance.

Shadow environment for testing and development

In fact, when choosing Seravo as their service provider the customer actually gets two websites instead of one. In our environment every site has its own shadow: a copy to be used for development purposes that is hidden from the general public.

The shadow uses the same address as the actual site. It can be easily reset to the latest production version of the actual website. Switching between the two environments is done through WordPress admin panel.

Developer documentation

Seravo offers developers an actively maintained database where we share tips and best practices of WordPress development. The guide is most helpful to Seravo’s customers but can be found useful by any developer working with WordPress.

Special training for WordPress developers

Seravo offers training for different levels of WordPress users including developers. The training consists of good advice on how to best use version control and manage the development process as a whole. If you are interested, feel free to send us a message to and ask for more information!

Want to speed up your development? Get the best tools to develop your website by choosing Seravo’s premium hosting and upkeep.

Premium Hosting and Upkeep for WordPress

We take care of speed, security and updates. You can focus on building your business flexibly and safely.


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