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Summary: All Seravo sites come with wp-cli preinstalled and configured for easier commandline management.


You can use wp-cli in Vagrant box and Production. Just run this to see all commands:

$ wp --help

Note: You can call wp command anywhere without --path parameter because the environment handles paths for you.

More information about wp-cli can be found in

Useful commands

Database export/import (dumping db)

# Dumps the database to a provided filename
$ wp db export your-dump-filename.sql

# Imports the dump file from file
$ wp db import your-dump-filename.sql

Create user

This creates a new administrator user ‘admin’ with password ‘admin’:

$ wp user create admin --user_role=administrator --user_pass=admin

Search-Replace database contents

After you have pulled database from production it’s useful to regex replace urls:

$ wp search-replace