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wp-test-whitelist - manual page for wp-test-whitelist git version 8235fae


usage: Command for whitelisting wp-test errors and warnings

Whitelist Chrome developer console errors so that they don't get caught when running wp-test. Occasionally, the Chrome developer console outputs false positive errors that should just be ignored by wp-test.

You can whitelist an error output by either typing in the whole error string or whitelist many similar errors by utilizing regular expression. You can also specify, if the message you're whitelisting, is an error or a warning.

Whitelist a single message

wp-test-whitelist --add " 404 (Not Found)"

Whitelist multiple errors with regex

wp-test-whitelist --add ".*example\.com/mylibrary\.js.*404.*" --regex

Read more about whitelisting:

optional arguments:

-h, --help

show this help message and exit


show program's version number and exit


Show a list of whitelist entries


Whitelist given message


Unwhitelist given message


Clear the whitelist


Specify messages's level to be error


Specify messages's level to be warning


Use regular expression