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wp-test-ng - manual page for wp-test-ng git version 0d7fbd7


wp-test-ng [-h] [–version] [–insecure] [–debug] [–fail-fast]


Test that the WordPress installation works. Runs a set of standard Seravo tests and any custom tests the site might have. Note, that if the standard set of tests fail, user-provided tests will not be run at all.

For full documentation please read

Based on Codeception PHP testing framework. Any additional arguments are passed as-is to ‘codecept’.

optional arguments:

  • –insecure
    ignore HTTPS certificate issues

  • –fail-fast
    stop tests on first error that occurred

  • –debug
    display verbose debug information

  • -h, –help
    display this help and exit

  • –version
    display version and exit