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wp-load-test-ng - manual page for wp-load-test-ng git version 8235fae


usage: wp-load-test-ng [-h] [--version] [--cache] [--initial-qps INITIAL_QPS]

[--interval INTERVAL]

[--latency [LATENCIES [LATENCIES ...]]] [--max-logs MAX_LOGS] [--max-qps MAX_QPS] [--use-nginx-logs] [--num-bots NUM_BOTS] [--num-intervals NUM_INTERVALS] [--num-failed-intervals NUM_FAILED_INTERVALS] [--qps-add QPS_ADD] [--safe-time SAFE_TIME] [--url-file URL_FILE] [url [url ...]]

Simple loadtesting tool for WordPress sites.

positional arguments:


Site URL to the target site.

optional arguments:

-h, --help

show this help message and exit


show program's version number and exit


If --cache is not used, "Pragma: no-cache" header is set.

--initial-qps INITIAL_QPS

Initial total QPS from all load bots.

--interval INTERVAL

Duration of a round.

--latency [LATENCIES [LATENCIES ...]]

Set latency requirement --latency=percentile,max_latency where percentile is a float in range [0, 100] and max_latency is a positive value in seconds (float). Example: --latency=99,2.5 means that the 99th percentile latency should be less than 2.5s. percentile == 100 means maximum latency. This option can be used many times to specify multiple latency requirements. E.g. simultaneously set both median and maximum latency.

--max-logs MAX_LOGS

Maximum number of URLs to replay. Zero means no limit.

--max-qps MAX_QPS

Total maximum QPS from all load bots.


Use nginx logs for load test. Read all HTTP GET requests with status code 200.

--num-bots NUM_BOTS

Set the number of load bots sending traffic to the target site

--num-intervals NUM_INTERVALS

Send constant QPS for given amount of intervals (each interval with duration given by --interval) before ramping up QPS.

--num-failed-intervals NUM_FAILED_INTERVALS

Report failure if load test criteria are not met in given many consecutive intervals.

--qps-add QPS_ADD

Increase load in steps of given QPS.

--safe-time SAFE_TIME

Wait given many seconds before starting the load test.

--url-file URL_FILE

Path to file containing one URL per line. Empty lines and lines beginning with # are ignored.