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Vagrant box seravo/wordpress 20181112.0.0

  • More robust SSH connection handling. Running vagrant up should fail significantly less on SSH connection issues.
  • Skip excess SSH key acceptance dialogs.
  • Node.js upgraded to version 8.12.0 LTS with accompanying upgrades to Yarn, NPM and other Node.js tools.
  • More robust startup of DBUS and Avahi.
  • New commands
    • wp-xdebug-on
    • wp-xdebug-off
    • wp-debug-info
    • wp-php-compatibility-check
    • wp-theme-security-check
    • wp-db-info
  • Updated man pages for all commands.
  • Major updates to wp-test-ng command and Codeception framework.
  • Includes also all the improvements available in Seravo’s production and testing environments in last 4 months.

What’s next? If you want to test the next Vagrant box version before it is released, modify your Vagrantfile provider to use box seravo/wordpress-beta instead of the official seravo/wordpress box.