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Git hooks

Basically they are scripts which allow you to run custom actions automatically on every git commit. They exists in your repository .git/hooks/ and are not copied when pulling/pushing.

Git hooks are explained really well in git documentation. Example hooks can be found on a Linux system at the path /usr/share/git-core/templates/hooks/.

What’s included?

Our WordPress project template contains one custom git hook: pre-commit.

By default it runs your Rspec tests before a new commit is allowed.

Server hooks

Note that on the server we also have a post-receive hook, but it’s not included in the project template as it’s useless (and potentially even harmful) to have in your local copy. For details see Deploy using git.


You can customize the tests by editing scripts/run-tests. It’s in bash but you can use any language you wish. The only important thing is the return value of your script. If it returns true the git commit will continue and a false will reject your commit.

Skipping pre-commit hook

You can use -n flag to skip hooks.

$ git commit -n -m "commit message"