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WordPress is popular but often slow

WordPress is the world’s most popular content management system and about a third of all the websites in the world are running on WordPress.

The ease of using WordPress is constantly attracting new users, who unfortunately often get disappointed when they find out that even though web hosts offer cheap server space, no help is available when the site for example slows down.

Web hosts vs. WordPress premium hosting and upkeep

Generic web hosts and other similar hosting providers often use cPanel to install WordPress and then power it with Apache.

Unfortunately this common approach is not optimal for WordPress due to it being a very process-heavy platform. If you want to optimize your site’s performance you might want to choose hosting and upkeep from a company that knows WordPress inside and out.

Seravo’s WordPress service has been built specifically for WordPress. One of the biggest differences between our service and traditional service providers is speed. In our environment your website will be as fast as WordPress can possibly be.

The effectiveness of Seravo’s solution comes from a highly optimized server environment designed especially for WordPress. Thanks to this you will no longer need add-ons to improve the speed of your site, like those often problematic cache plugins.

By choosing Seravo as your hosting provider you will quickly discover a change in speed. All you need to do is transfer your site to our environment.

Experts at your service

In addition to a WordPress optimized server environment, our customers have access to our WordPress specific support. We also offer additional site optimization by hand so that even those sites that are heavier and more complex than normal can serve visitors fast and effectively.

Furthermore, our customers have a variety of tools available for site optimization and speed. One of them is Tideways which is integrated directly to our system. Tideways helps to locate and resolve issues with site speed quickly.

We are constantly implementing different solutions to improve the speed of WordPress websites. For example, we were able to load our own site 300% faster than before by using a standard, but rarely used, feature of WordPress called transients.

Seravo has world-class expertise in databases, WordPress and open-source. We don’t use it just for our own gain: we actively give back by producing professional content, speaking at community events and contributing to the WordPress development. Furthermore, we also participate in the support and development of MariaDB and other open-source projects.

Don’t have time for a slow website anymore? Make sure that your site works as fast as it should by choosing Seravo’s premium hosting and upkeep.

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