Booncon is a creative agency and a partnership between two friends: Tobias and Lukas who set up their company together in Helsinki, Finland with all of Europe as their target market.

Their daughter venture Booncon Pixels takes digital interaction seriously. Using WordPress as their platform for large scale ecommerce sites to visually beautiful multilingual websites, the folks at Pixels have established themselves as one of the leading WordPress developers in all of northern Europe.

With as their technical partner, we’ve enabled their developers to utilise modern web workflows otherwise only possible by hosting and maintaining your own servers. When asked about why they like, among the things that most pop up are:

  • Quick Setup
  • Flexibility
  • Modern approach to development
  • Technical partnership
  • Ongoing support
  • QA testing for updates
  • Pre-setup caching
  • No need for backup, cache and security plugin bloat

See the impressive portfolio for yourself: