Annual Report 2018

Seravo in brief

Seravo was officially founded in 2011 to serve customers using Linux and other open source software. The services provided were related to planning, executing and maintaining different information systems.

In the early years we focused on maintaining Linux based information systems for each customer individually. After a while it was clear that most customers needed help specifically with WordPress, which quickly lead to the creation of a centralized hosting and upkeep solution we now know as WP-palvelu. By doing this we were able to build the best possible environment for WordPress and offer it at a very costefficient price because the service was used by not only one, but several, customers. Since then, WP-palvelu has outgrown in value the previous Linux support contracts and it has been Seravo’s main product since 2014.

Besides top technology, Seravo’s other strong suit is our staff. Our personnel consists of IT professional with a wide experience of different environments and open source software, in particular Linux. Our employees have been involved with WordPress since 2005, with Linux since 1999 and with hosting since 2000. They participate actively in both the development of WordPress core and MariaDB database which makes it fair to say that they are indirectly involved in maintaining all WordPress websites in the world.

By choosing Seravo’s WordPress service our customers can be sure that they will get the best possible professionals and solutions to serve their websites. In addition to hosting and a domain name, all our plans include regular and tested updates to both WordPress core and plugins; 24/7 monitoring service to make sure that the websites stay up and running at all times; backups, an HTTPS certificate and other security measures; wide selection of development tools and access to a highly skilled customer service that knows WordPress in and out. We make constant efforts to further improve our service so that the websites in our care are working as fast and securely as possible. One way to achieve this is to proactively incorporate new and more advanced technologies.

We take care of speed, security and updates so that our customers can focus on building their businesses flexibly and safely.